Countries that legally excepted crypto currencies!

By Lazybust | Learn anyway! | 5 Jan 2022


In my previous post I listed countries that banned cryptocurrencies. Now I did some research about countries that eccept digital currencies as a currency.

Unfortunately, El Salvador is the only place eccepted Bitcoin as a  legal currency. It helps people send transfer money easier than other countries is one of the reason said Bukele. Which happened June 9, 2021.

Of course many eccepted others would follow same path or at least had a hope. But more banned crypto (check my previous post) than actually accepting it as a currency.

The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex, Alex Hoeptner, is also positive about countries that will accept bitcoin as a legal currency and stated below: 


Still, there are countries that allow digital currencies as a transaction and have some regulations: 



All for now and enjoy your 2022. Dream big! Money flows to you like a river!


Believe you can do it and manifest it!



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Learn anyway!
Learn anyway!

Anything related to crypto! searching, researching and sharing to be helpful. Think, Believe and manifest it to your life people !

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