Earn passively for FREE with Honeygain !
Earn FREE Passively !!!

Earn passively for FREE with Honeygain !

By Leandro85 | leandro85 | 24 Mar 2020


What's Honeygain?

Honeygain is an application that makes you earn passively both from pc and from android smartphone (for the moment nothing from iphone) simply by sharing the WiFi data traffic!

How does Honeygain work from pc?

Once you click on the affiliate link: https://r.honeygain.money/LEAND8C4 where you will immediately have $ 5, it will download a program to be installed on your PC and then the game is done!

Every time you turn on the PC, it will connect automatically and you will start earning FREE Passively; the program will take advantage of about 10% of your network so that you don't have any problems in your classic navigation!


How does Honeygain work on Android smartphones?

Always click the affiliate link on your smartphone to get the $ 5 bonus immediately: https://r.honeygain.money/LEAND8C4  and follow the instructions where it will automatically take you to the Play Store, once you have done everything, you can set your smartphone and decide whether to operate Honeygain in WiFi mode or even with the data network!


How much you earn and how to pay!

On the site itself, it gives you the opportunity to make yourself understand how you earn how much; let's say that every 100MB of internet traffic is equivalent to $ 0.01, in practice if you can get 10GB a day, that's the nice sum of $ 30 a month !!!

Once you have reached the sum of 20 $, very easy to arrive, you can immediately ask for your payment which can be requested via PayPal or with Amazon Coupons!


Conclusions and Precautions

The site is quite serious, it is paying and above all there is no type of investment, so just try it to believe it!

You should know that you can connect more devices and therefore earn more and by inviting your friends you will earn 10% of their monthly earnings!

In summary, you have to click the affiliate link: https://r.honeygain.money/LEAND8C4  to get $ 5 immediately so that to have the first payment, you will need to accumulate another $ 15 to request payment immediately. From my experience I can safely tell you that the internet connection does not slow down at all, very interesting thing, the data you will be able to give, it depends a lot on how much you use your PC or smartphone, I personally manage to make 1.5GB a day without having the fiber optical! The gains could be these, 10GB per day = $ 30 per month or even for those with fiber optics, they are 100GB per day = $ 300 per month !!! You just have to try and earn PASSIVELY FREE !!!


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