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"Rate My Portfolio" the Google Sheet. Uses Risk Adjusted Return (Information Ratio)

You just enter your portfolio symbols and % and it gives you the risk adjusted returns. Works for 1-12 coin or token portfolios. Includes most top 300 coins by market cap. Has a 12 month version and a 6 month version since not all top 300s have been around for a year.  

Edit: Fixed a major bug, where all days were shifted by 1.

Google Sheet: 12 Month | 6 Month


Copy to your google drive or download as excel file to use.  

Information Ratio is similar to Sharpe Ratio but uses a benchmark, I used CCI30.

For the IR of individual coins/tokens check these sheets:

IR google sheets: 12 Month | 6 Month  


Higher number is better, benchmark is an IR of 0.

Higher volatility is more risky.

Investopedia on IR

Not financial advice

Data is from coingecko

If you make a BTC ETH 60:50 portfolio, it doesn't break. It'll just think you have $60 of BTC and $50 of ETH and do the math with that.

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