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By taintedblood | LazyShepherd | 16 Jul 2019


Hello, I'm Trevor, you may call me Trev, if you like. I'm a business minded individual, though, I currently lack resources to do a lot of what I'm wanting to do. I am currently on here, and on the steemit network. On steemit I play Splinterlands/Steemmonsters, and nextcolony. Splinterlands is a card game similar to Hearthstone, you can combine multiple of the same card to level it up. It's a $10 investment to get started, and there's plerenty of giveaways being ran over on steemit. Nextcoloy is a resource management game in space. In nextcolony you upgrade a universal set of skills that effect what you can upgrade on your planets, and build at the space station. It's a slow grind, but, worth checking twice a day.


Currently, I don't have much I can do, as stated above. I desire to get into woodwork, pyrography, beekeeping, and PCB design. I seek to expand my knowledge of gardening, farming, and other skills. Currently I blog a bit, and play cryptogames, along with networking through communities like intrepreneur, or palnet on steemit. I can cook some things, and haven't tested my ability with other foods.

I have some tools, but, I live in a rural area, and currently don't have my own vehicle to get around, that includes not having a bike. I own a circular saw(no blades), an oscillating multitool, a soldering iron with pryography tips, a 301 piece mechanics toolset(missing three pieces since letting my mother's bf use it.), among some minor tools, and accesories, such as tip tinner(or flux) for the soldering iron.


I'm a tribe member of the intrepreneur community over on steemit. Intrepreneur is a community of entrepreneurs, and self sufficent individuals from around the world. It is still in it's infancy, but growing fast. It's a wonderful group of people, we hangout on discord, and post on here, and steemit. Maybe you've seen others talk about intrepreneur already on here. Perhaps I'm the first to mention it that you've come across. Come on by the discord server and learn more. The community has been started by @crystalhuman on here and steemit. They run weekly quests to help people earn int tokens, which is the steemit token for the tribe. Hope to see you in the discord.


I hope to meet some wonderful people on here, and help each other out. With an expectant smile, and bright view of the future, this is Trev, your crazy entrepreneur minded friend on this path to abundance.



If you feel like donating to help the cause:

Erc-20 compatible eth wallet address: 0xAa09c6ad610C0fB4C52B67aE1b84b94975249e1D

Bitcoin wallet address: 3EhHNPH12kzuCgvYw77XGHg53ZrVBcgNHK

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gridcoin wallet: S8JyHccSEpNSTFBkzXKfeuQXCYk76MnUuY

paypal for noncrypto: paypal.me/TNida

ref links:

SteemMonsters: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=taintedblood

Gods Unchained: https://godsunchained.com/?refcode=0xAa09c6ad610C0fB4C52B67aE1b84b94975249e1D

crowdini: http://crowdini.com/r/taintedblood

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earn free eos for watching videos: https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/hjp9n307

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