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Peer2Profit Review & Payment Proof: Sell Bandwidth For Bitcoin (Completely Passive Earnings)

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 27 Aug 2021

What’s up guys?  Lazy Money UK here, finding the easiest ways to make cash online.

If you like earning Bitcoin completely passively, Peer2Profit could be the app for you.

The app, which is available for Windows, Android and Linux, works by selling your unused internet bandwidth- Similar to apps like Honeygain and IPRoyal Pawns.

The difference is that Peer2Profit has a vastly superior earnings rate.  I’ve been getting $0.50 worth of Bitcoin every day by leaving this app running on two Android phones.

To put that into perspective, Honeygain is only paying me up to $0.30 a day- And I have 100 referrals...

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that Peer2Profit is the better app, their withdrawal limit is also half that of Honeygain, at only $10.  Check out the video above for payment proof.  They paid out to my Coinbase wallet the morning after I withdrew.

Plus, there doesn’t seem to be a device limit- In fact, they encourage you to use as many devices as possible.  Of course, you’d get the best results by running your devices from different IP addresses- For example, one at your workplace and one at home.

Speaking of getting the best rate of earnings possible, Peer2Profit is stackable with any other phone farming apps you like to use, including other bandwidth sellers.

If I have sold you on how amazing this app is for passive earning, please consider using my referral link.  The referral system offers an insane 50% commission.  This means that if you’re getting your free $0.50 a day, an extra $0.25 is sent my way.

Thanks for checking out this Lazy Money UK review.  Feel free to join me at my YouTube channel so I can send you more lazy money making ideas.

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Lazy Money UK
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