Paid To Watch Video Sites: 12 Hour Challenge

By Lazy Money UK | Lazy Money UK | 11 Feb 2022

Hi everyone, Lazy Money UK here.

I ran two paid-to-watch video sites side-by-side for 12 hours, to see which one earns the most.  The results were surprising.

Hideout TV and the clone site work in the same way- Letting you watch YouTube-style videos as you accumulate points for every 3 adverts that are shown.  These points can then be converted to many different rewards sites, where the user can redeem cash, crypto or gift cards.

In order to calculate the cash value of my points, I needed to decide on which rewards sites to send them to.  I already established that it’s best to send Hideout TV points to (not to be confused with For reasons which will soon become apparent. has a sub-standard selection of sites to send points to, but I chose, due to having built up daily bonus credit for which I needed to complete offers to cash out.  For the purposes of this experiment, I did not count the daily login bonus given to users of Hideout TV.

The Results


Interestingly, both video sites performed equally well when it came to earning points.  The choice of destination site to redeem the points to is what really impacted the final result.

The first thing I noticed what that scaled my points up, whereas scaled them down.  The reason for this is that is a sister site of Hideout TV, also owned by Adscend Media.  This means there is no middle man taking a cut when you transfer points.  Since is a third-party in your transaction with, they keep a percentage of your earnings for themselves.

I had to adjust the 12 hour points earnings based on the scaling systems used by both rewards sites.  This allowed me to see the value of my 12 hour earnings in the form of PayPal cash.  Taking's 4% PayPal fee into account, I had twice as much PayPal money on $0.22 vs. $0.11.

By pure luck, had given a 50% earnings booster from their daily prize wheel on the day of this challenge.  This amplified my Hideout TV earnings up to $0.33.

It also turns out that redeeming a GBP Mastercard from beats the foreign exchange rate involved in withdrawing USD to PayPal and converting it.  Based on this advantage, my 12 hour earnings from Hideout TV were actually worth $0.35.

In an attempt to avoid the 4% PayPal fee on, I redeemed a Visa gift card, which only made things worse for myself.


Do not use (outside of US)

My usual trick to convert Mastercard / Visa gift cards to PayPal didn't work here, because the provider Tremendous forces you to use their American billing address- This is not allowed on PayPal.  Coinbase rejected the card on the grounds of it belonging to a business.  In the end I had to use it on US Amazon to top up my gift card credit (as the funds on the card must cover the transaction in full).

This isn't the fault of, but I'm just documenting the whole experience.


If you're only going to run one of these video sites, it's clearly better to use Hideout TV due to the connection with

Bear in mind that Hideout TV and use a shared login.  This means that you only need to register on one site to use both.

By the way, rumour has it that the Amazon Firestick version of Hideout TV has a higher earnings rate than the desktop version, but I am yet to verify this myself.

In the interest of fairness, I should mention that some of the other obscure rewards sites that is partnered with may offer an improved points conversion rate.  However, to the best of my knowledge there is no sister site to provided by the parent company Lootably.

Thanks for checking out this Lazy Money UK article.  Join me on YouTube for the latest, and laziest, money making tips.

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