Vegan Sweet corn cream
Delicious vegan sweet corn cream

Vegan Sweet corn cream

Vegan Sweet Corn Cream


sweet corn cream garnished with paprika


So today's recipe is a yellow delicious sweet corn cream! It's inspired by a dish I used to eat when I was a kid, and this one is 100% vegan.

All you need is a blender, a pan and less than 15 min!


So let's get to the Recipe!



→ 1 small can of sweet corn (150g)

→ ¾ silken tofu block


→ 1 tsp Miso paste

→ 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

→ Tamari (or soya sauce)


→ 5 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

→ 1/2 tsp paprika

→ 1 tsp turmeric

→ pinch ground ginger

→ cayenne pepper <<optional >> if you like it a bit spicy ;)

→ black pepper

→ 1/3 tsp ground cumin

→ 2 tsp garlic granules

→ 3/4 tsp ground onions


dry ingredients


PS: Don't get scared with the ingredients! They're mostly spices to make day to day recipes even more tasty! They all add a special flavour. You can also use them in so many different dishes. If you're interested, follow me to see them in action in lots of different recipes!



Blend it all together on a blender




→ Blend all the ingredients together on a blender (leave around ⅓ of the corn, to put it later on <<optional>>)

→ Transfer the cream to a pan and turn the hob to a medium heat

→ Add the remaining sweet corn

→ Let it cook for about 5 min, giving an occasional mix

→ Transfer it to a bowl and top it up with a little more paprika for presentation, if you wish





sweet corn cream garnished with paprika






And super cheap!


You can eat it as it is, or you can use it as a side dish.  I also recommend boosting it with some rice, barley, or even quinoa, if you're a fan. 

Tell me what you think, and leave a comment saying if you're gonna give it a go or a no!


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Thank you so much for reading and tipping! Hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day!

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