Swissborg Community App (IOS & Android) - Guess the daily Bitcoin price and earn CHSB

Interesting and curious app created by the promising Swiss company Swissborg, active in the blockchain sector and in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Swissborg Community App

Once a day we can try to guess the trend of Bitcoin, in case it goes UP or DOWN within 24 hours.

Every day 200 points are credited to make an attempt and you can bet from 200 to 10000 points.
Swissborg RankGoing Up
When you guess you get double the points and go up in the rank.
Those who manage to climb the rankings in the first 20000 can access the final distribution of further prizes in crypto with a final prize pool of $ 500,000.
For now we are over $ 100,000 and a dollar is added to each registered user. In recent weeks I have noticed that the numbers are rising rapidly, perhaps also thanks to the launch of the official project, the Swissborg Wealth App, which I will perhaps talk about later. I can assure you that it is not difficult to arrive in the first 20000, you just need to enter every day and bet.
In addition, 800 points are credited for those who enter every day for 7 days, this happens every week.
The most interesting thing are the "badges", challenges to overcome and for each one you get 50 CHSB (about € 1), their cryptocurrency, up to a maximum of 750 CHSB, beyond which you enter the "Hall of Fame" receiving another 1000 CHSB (about € 20).

Swissborg Badge


There is also the Learn part, with news, info and analysis, where you can learn about the blockchain and terminology theme of the world of cryptocurrencies. Last thing, the Cyborg Predictor, a machine learning algorithm of their own that analyzes and predicts the trend of Bitcoin.


Cyborg Predictor


Here the CoinMarketCap link of the Swissborg CHSB token, which can also be purchased on the KuCoin exchange
(I quote the most famous).

In the next posts I will explore other apps for IOS and Android that I really liked. Always pay attention to what you download because the risk of scams or not very serious projects are always present, the advice I can give you is to do a careful research before use.
Checking the quality of the community, social channels like Twitter and the website will help you make a better evaluation.
I have been using the Swissborg app for a few months and I am feeling very well, the community is very active and growing fast and I have a lot of fun.
Excellent for those who want to get to know this world before starting to invest, but also for those who are already in the market and want to receive some free cryptocurrency before investing in it.
Obviously the app is free.


Use my referral and we get 3000 points each: VPDLZPA

The referral must be inserted in the "Referral Code" section in your profile (logo at the top left). For any info, please ask in the comments, I will reply within 24 hours.

Swissborg Referral


Info and link about Swissborg:


Swissborg Community App:
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stay safe and learn about future!

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