My Thoughts on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Well, the Diamond and Pearl remakes are real. And... my overall feelings are mixed. As a huge fan of Platinum, I was very worried about how the Gen 4 remakes will turn out and now, I am still worried. Now, that is better than losing all faith because there were some redeeming qualities from the reveal trailer.

When I saw the chibi style, I was put off by it. However, the more I watched, the more I understood that the developers (interestingly, ICLA is making it, not Game Freak) wanted to keep it faithful to the original games' style. Heck, I actually got a little excited when the trailer revealed that the Union Room and The Underground are making a return.


Unfortunately, much of the rest was a big "meh" for me. There were some shots where the game looked good, but the character models and the environment need work.


Some textures come off as flat and the mediocre shading makes the character models appear very plasticky. It is very apparent when you look at the in-battle character models. I get that on the overworld map, ICLA is trying to go for the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening aesthetic. However, in the remakes' current form, they are not close to that point. Look at how the world looks more vibrant and the colors pop out more in Link's Awakening.


Battles look pretty much the same as previous games. The Pokémon models are the same as they have been since X and Y and the attack animations remain cookie cutter. At least it looks like the remakes will get the battle backgrounds right unlike how Sword and Shield had their battles done in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber:

To give ICLA credit, there are a few aspects that looked good such as the water at Lake Verity. It looks way better than the water from Sword and Shield, in my opinion.


Now, I'm willing to forgive the graphical shortcomings as long as the remakes do not skimp out on the content. We know for sure that the Union Room and The Underground will make a return. The question is will other stuff like contests make a come back, too? What about the quality of life (QoL) improvements from Platinum? Will the Distortion World and Battle Frontier be in the games?

I'm not ready to give up on Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl just yet. However, ICLA does need to make some graphical improvements and include all the content to win me over.

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