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Impressions of Redo of Healer, Ep. 5 - Actually Pretty Competent


Previously, Keyaru recruited the demi-human ice wolf, Setsuna, to his party. After nursing her to good health and helping her break her level cap through... unconventional means, the party went off to stop the Jioral slavers from raiding Setsuna's village. The highlights for that episode weren't the fight scene, but rather the nearly explicit sex scenes that put the anime near the hentai territory.

The Episode

Picking up from the last episode, Ep. 5 starts off with a... threesome... Well then, this anime didn't hesitate to start off on a spicy note. After the sex scene, the party returns to Lanaritta where a random man tries to buy Setsuna from Keyaru. After subduing him, it turns out that he is a runaway from the Jioral soldiers/slavers who tried to raid the ice wolf village, so Setsuna promptly kills him.

The party meets up with the merchant who has been selling Keyaru's potions. Though this time, the merchant has brought some muscle in an attempt to get leverage. The negotiations heat up to the point that a fight nearly breaks out, but Keyaru agrees to give the recipe for 500 gold coins. It turns out the recipe is actually useless as one of the ingredients include his antibodies.


While it seems like the party avoided a major confrontation, it turns out a confrontation as found them as Kureha, the swordswoman Keyaru healed in Ep. 1, suddenly attacks him out of nowhere. At the beginning of the episode, Kureha overheard some trainees mentioning a swordsman using the Klyret style to attack the Jioral soldiers at the ice wolf village. She has sought out Keyaru under the misconception that he has used the technique for evil.


Freia and Setsuna tries to explain to her that it was the Jioral soldiers who were in the wrong, but Kureha retorts that they have been brainwashed by Keyaru. (Technically, she is half correct as Keyaru did brainwash Flare/Freia in Ep. 2). Freia throws a fire spell at the swordswoman, but the latter easily deflects it and knocks the magician out, angering Keyaru.

The two warriors face off in a duel and while it seems that Kureha has the upper hand, Keyaru utilizes his other abilities to gain the advantage. First, he uses his alchemy ability to corrode his opponent's sword every time they clash and then, he baits her into breaking open an aphrodisiac potion to numb her senses. Lastly, he purposely lets Kureha sever his arm before regrowing it with Recovery Heal to implant the memories of the Jioral soldiers who enslaved the demi-humans.

The party takes the unconscious Kureha to an inn. When she wakes up, Keyaru reveals his real face to her. Skeptical of Keyaru's allegations of the Jioral Kingdom's crimes, Freia enters under her Princess Flare persona to convince the swordswoman. Kureha apologizes to Keyaru and promises to make amends. Apparently, her first act to make amends turns out to be giving her virginity to Keyaru as he sneakily popped open another aphrodisiac potion in the room to make absolute sure she would be faithful to him.

Lastly, the episode ends with Leonard taking the people of Keyaru's hometown as prisoners.

My Thoughts

This has been one of Redo of Healer's better episodes. The highlight is definitely the Keyaru vs. Kureha fight scene. While the animation was not super impressive like you would see from Studio Ufotable's productions or any other big-name anime, I have no complaints. Animation is not cheap, so if you can "cut corners" while still making a compelling fight scene, that avenue should be taken. TNK, the studio behind the Redo of Healer anime production, did a good job creating a sense of speed. Even in faraway shots, the Keyaru and Kureha's character models still maintained decent detail.

The sex scenes have certainly have not let up from the previous episode. The threesome serves little purpose, in my opinion, other than to show how horny Keyaru is. I will say that, however, that Keyaru and Kureha's scene is almost wholesome. Almost. What prevents me from making it 100% wholesome is the fact that Keyaru uses another potion of aphrodisiac to manipulate Kureha into thinking she is legitimately attracted to him. Honestly, it is a bit disappointing as I like Kureha as a character.

Lastly, it seems that the anime will never actually explain the mechanics behind Keyaru's Upgrade Heal ability. I explained how it works in my post about the previous episode after the anime skipped two opportunities to do so. This episode made it the third time. A tip when watching the anime is to pay attention to the context and mana color whenever Keyaru uses heal.

Keyaru using Upgrade Heal to shuffle his stat points.

If the mana is pink or purple, then Keyaru is either using his Upgrade Heal to re-assign his stat points to boost one stat at the expense of another. This also happened in Ep. 4 when he fought the Jioral slavers. In the first episode, when he used his Steal Heal ability to absorb experience points from the maids, the mana color was pink accompanied with a black smoke-like effect. In contrast, if he is using Recovery Heal, then the mana is green.


If you want to know more about how Keyaru's abilities work, Honey's Anime made a solid article about it.

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