Dangers of Authoritarian Governments: Brute Forcing COVID Vaccinations Won't Work

Dangers of Authoritarian Governments: Brute Forcing COVID Vaccinations Won't Work

By LateToTheParty | Late to the Pol | 25 Jul 2021

There are a lot of debates on whether the COVID vaccines from Big Pharma companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are effective or not. This will continue until we get have a comprehensive longitudinal study on the effects. The problem is that like with all longitudinal studies, they take a lot of time and the COVID vaccines have only been around for less than a year.

I have written two articles about myself taking both doses of the Pfizer vaccine back in March. I did feel a bit under the weather after the second dose, but I have not had problems since then. However, while I came out fine, I will never go "Branch Covidian" on the unvaccinated. After all, the Big Pharma companies are not liable to any adverse effects that may happen, so the vaccines are effectively a risk. I did my own research, weighed the pros and cons, and made an individual decision.

Yes, there is some misinformation regarding the vaccines. Some claim that there are nanomachines akin to Metal Gear Solid 4. Others claim that they permanently modify your DNA and your cells will forever churn out the inflammatory spike proteins. I can say for sure that the latter claim is false because for that claim to be true, the vaccines would need to contain reverse transcriptase, an enzyme that converts the mRNA sequence into DNA before it enters the nucleus. What the spike protein mRNA actually does is bind to the ribosomes to translate the codons into amino acids. After that, the mRNA is broken into individual nucleotides.


No, this won't happen if you get the COVID vaccine.

An illustration of how reverse transcriptase works and how RNA viruses like HIV infect cells. This is not how the mRNA vaccines work.

However, vaccine hesitancy is not the same as being anti-vaxx. There may be some overlap, but COVID vaccine skeptics and anti-vaxxers are largely two distinct groups. In fact, a study from MIT revealed that vaccine hesitant individuals are not scientifically illiterate. They gather and analyze the data to derive any correlations. This is not anti-vaxxer behavior.

In addition, upon doing some individual research, there are definitely good reasons to be skeptical of the vaccines' efficacy. For instance, the HMS Queen Elizabeth crew literally had a 100% vaccination rate, but a few months later, 100 of the 700 crew members got infected. The Texas Democrats who flew to Washington, D.C. to protest the state's voting reform bill were 100% vaccinated. However, six of them caught the virus. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, also expressed concern over how the most vaccinated countries are exhibiting a surge in cases whereas the least vaccinated nations are not. In addition, he expressed concern over how safe the Pfizer vaccine would be on adolescents.

Archived version.

Archived version.

Archived version.

There's also the issue with the unnecessary politicization of alternative treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The former, for instance, has inhibitory properties against COVID's replication mechanism. When the drug was distributed in South America and India, it proved to be effective against the lamda and delta variants, respectively. However, there's a heavy pushback against these alternative treatments which has some people hypothesizing whether Big Pharma is politicizing ivermectin and HCQ in order to eliminate the (cheaper) competition and maintain its vaccine revenue stream.



Data is from Kory et al. (2021).


I found this image from this Tweet.

Talking about the effectiveness of the alternative treatments may run afoul of Big Tech's medical misinformation rules. For instance, YouTube took down evolutionary biologist Dr. Bret Weinstein's (Ph.D) video on ivermectin despite the fact that he discussed about the drug with a physician, Dr. Pierre Kory (M.D.). Even worse, the Biden administration has admitted to working with Facebook to crack down on medical "disinformation" which gives off ominous Big Brother vibes. I explained in my writeup how the measure would not be effective as Big Tech enforces its medical "disinformation" rules inconsistently, the goalposts frequently move, and it likely violates the First Amendment.

Overall, there is reasonable concern on whether the vaccines work effectively or not. Even then, some governments are thinking about making it mandatory to get the shots or even go as far as to enforce COVID passports. For instance, the Biden administration decided to do a door-to-door campaign to encourage Americans to get the COVID vaccine to which I like to jokingly refer it to the Joehovaxx Witness operation. The French and Italian governments want to enforce COVID passports which... didn't sit well with the citizens to say the least.

The people who oppose mandatory COVID vaccines or passports aren't a bunch of hyper partisans, either. You may think that they are just a bunch of white conservative conspiracy theorists, but the opposition is rather bipartisan. This is what the Trafalgar Group found in its July 2021 poll. It polled 1,077 likely voters and asked one question: "Do you believe taking COVID vaccines should be mandatory, or should taking the vaccine be a personal choice?". Nearly every single political, age, and ethnic group had more people in favor of personal choice over mandatory COVID vaccines. 58.7% of Democrats favored personal choice whereas 33% favored making the vaccines mandatory. The only group who had more respondents favor mandatory vaccines was Asians, but even then, it was basically a tie (45.4% vs. 43.9%).

Ultimately, the conversations surrounding the COVID vaccines are very nuanced and the governments ought to listen more to their constituents' concerns. There are undoubtedly some individuals who hold crackpot theories, but they are in no way representative of all COVID vaccine skeptics. As a result, trying to brute force the COVID vaccines on the populace will only prove to be more unproductive than helpful.

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