Many Thanks to My Readers (and Future Changes)

Two days ago, I published my thoughts on Sony PlayStation's treatment of its less popular studios and attitude towards game preservation. When I checked the article's stats the next morning, I was absolutely gobsmacked. It received way more views than any of my other posts and it became the first post to have received over a dollar's worth of tips. Furthermore, my article made it to the front page:


I did it, Ma!

If you check out my profile, I actually joined back in January 2020, but I didn't make my first post until 2021. Back then, I was still completely new to cryptocurrency and felt intimidated because of my complete lack of knowledge. Even now, I still consider myself to be a newb, but I am more experienced with investing in crypto. Heck, one of my tokens increased in value by over 10x which I'm pretty proud of. I know that Publish0x allows non-crypto posts, but for some reason, I felt that I didn't really belong unless I try to get into crypto.

Since January, I've written quite a lot of posts. I look back and I was quite surprised at how much I wrote. From gaming to politics to anime to the occasional crypto post, my readers seem to like my content. I was pleasantly surprised at the mostly positive reception towards my political posts which would never happen on a platform like Medium whose environment I find to be equivalent to Twitter.

So to all of my readers, thank you so much for reading my posts, tipping them, and providing feedback. I hope to improve my writing even further and make more content to your liking. And thank you, Publish0x, for providing me the opportunity to write about things I'm passionate about with an excellent platform.

P.S. As the number of blog posts grow in number, I figured it would be a good idea to divide them into different blogs. I now have 3 blogs, the max of which I am allowed to make. They are the following:

1. "Late to the Show and Games" - Contains all of my blog posts related to gaming, anime, manga, or any other entertainment media.
2. "Late to the Pol" - Contains all of my posts on politics as well as potentially other topics like culture and philosophy.
3. "Late to the Party, the Blog" - Contains posts not related to the topics above. This is where you will see posts related to science, travel, and of course, crypto.

Once again, thank you very much for your support and I hope to write more content worthy of your attention! Please do not hesitate to provide constructive feedback.

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Late to the Party, the Blog
Late to the Party, the Blog

My very very late to the party musings on things like science, nature, travel, health, and crypto. If you want to look at my other content, check out "Late to the Show and Games" & "Late to the Pol".

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