Goodbye, Uphold! Finally!


It's not that Uphold is a terrible wallet, but compared to the other wallets I use, it's rather unimpressive. It's not hard to figure out the interface, but it's clunky. Most importantly of all, my BAT was basically just sitting there doing nothing. I could take advantage of Uphold's partnership with the TAP Network and exchange my BAT for gift cards. However, considering how much it appreciated in value this year even after the big crash, that would be foolhardy. In fact, I actually exchanged some of my BAT for $10 in credit in mid-2020. You can go ahead and laugh at my dumb decision.

For the longest time, I wanted to withdraw my 150+ BAT to either Gemini or Celsius so I could take advantage of their 3.5% APY. Unfortunately, there was one teensy problem: the network fee was exorbitant. I did not take screenshots of the times where Uphold asked for 20 to even 30 BAT when I tried to withdraw my tokens. That said, I was pretty shocked and annoyed that if I wanted to take my BAT elsewhere, I had to give up nearly 20% of what I had in hand.


This screenshot came from this person, not me. Either way, the ludicrousness is just about the same.

At Last, I Don't Need to Use Uphold Anymore!

Just a few days ago when I randomly checked how much the network fee would cost on Uphold, it was actually low enough that I would be willing to pay for just so I didn't have to use the wallet again. Could I have waited if the network fee would go any lower? Maybe, but there was also as good of a chance of it rising to levels I wouldn't accept.


Giving up about 2.5% of my BAT to get it out of Uphold was worth it for me.

I quickly sent my BAT to my Gemini wallet. Once the tokens officially transferred over, I deposited them into "Earn" to take advantage of the 3.5% APY and deleted the Uphold app.

So why Gemini, specifically? Other than the APY, I also have a Brave Creators account. Unlike the browser, I actually have the option to connect either my Uphold or Gemini account. Gemini has been pretty good to me so far and I have withdrawn some crypto without incurring huge fees. As a result, I chose that over Uphold and whatever tips I received (including my own) would eventually go to my Gemini wallet.


Closing Thoughts

If you use the Brave Browser and want to send your BAT to Gemini, make sure to not connect your browser to Uphold. Otherwise, the monthly payments will go there. Make a Brave Creators account, add your mainstream social media account (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit), and connect it to Gemini. If you don't have a Gemini account, you can use my referral link where you'll get $10 in BTC if you trade for $100 or more.

If Gemini is not your thing for reasons like KYC, then you can just simply hold your tokens on your browser. Just make sure you save your recovery key in case they disappear for any reason. Eventually, Brave Wallet will launch later this year and you will not need to rely on centralized exchanges that require KYC.

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