Red flower lake. Part 4 (final).

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 16 Dec 2020

In the final part about the walk on the lake, I just want to talk about how everything works in the park.
The park is a tourist park, so there is everything for tourists: car and bicycle rental, full equipment for cyclists.
In the videos that I left below, you can see all the devices passing by us on wheels.

This is what the entrance to the tourist center looks like.



Nearby - bike and car rental (see the video at the end of the post for more details).



There is also a bus stop and a car park nearby. Moreover, as we understood, these are buses that go around the park, taking you to the park to different entrances or around the park, where you can get off at the entrance from where you will go or ride a bike.




And, yes, entrance to all parks in China is possible only through the "Green Code". What it is?
This is a QR code that you read on your cell phone (scan), the phone shows where you were in the last month, and if you were in the territory of your city of residence, the cell phone shows green on the screen.
They measure your temperature too.
Probably, I will write a separate post about the green code in order to acquaint you with what it is, and tell you in more detail where and how it works now in China, and, at the same time, tell you how the movement in China and check-in to hotels is happening now.

These are the shields with QR codes.



Each visitor comes up, scans, enters his phone and data ...



... and shows the staff who take the temperature and let you inside the park.



That's it, we walked up, looked at everything, went to our car and drove towards the house. We were 80 km to the house.



Video with an overview of all travel services:


In this video, what is the green code by which you can enter the park, and how it works.


And in these three videos we have already left the park and are driving towards the house, a few new buildings around and the road.


All photos and videos belong to the author of this article.

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