Red flower lake. Part 1.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 27 Nov 2020

On Monday we went on business to the center of Huizhou. It is 80 km from the beach where we live. That's so far from the center.
Since we managed quickly, did everything we needed, right after lunch, and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon were already free, we decided to look in the navigator if there was any park nearby that we had not yet been to.

We were not surprised that there is. Just 8 km.
And off we went.


It turned out that we arrived at the final stop of buses of some routes, which is just next to the entrance to the park. There is a barrier, cars are constantly driving in, we stopped, walked around, read various advertisements to understand whether it was necessary to pay for the entrance to this park, and if you need to pay, then what is the price. But nothing was found anywhere.

They asked my son, he said, most likely, the entrance is free, and the payment will be only for parking the car.
Which turned out to be true later.

These are the automatic barriers, payment on the way back, at the exit from the park, by QR code automatically from the programs in the cell phone, WeChat or Alipay.


And here is the cost of parking. Prices are in RMB.


Pay attention to these two buses. I saw such at the exhibition. These buses are drones, there are no drivers in them.
I was surprised that they are already actually launched on flights and are at the terminal along with other buses.


So where did we end up when we drove into the park.
It turned out that we really got into the territory of the lake, as it was shown on the billboard near the barriers at the entrance to the park.


We parked our car in a huge parking lot and went inside the park.
The sign at the very beginning of the road indicates 18 km, if we understood correctly, the road around the lake is 18 km long, this is a walking path and a bicycle path too.


Since we were not ready for a long walk, neither for clothes nor for equipment, we decided to walk to the indicated first stop after 1.7 km and turn back.


Hot, +33, humidity and the smell of forest and herbs.
Blooming trees on the roadside.
And - the lake!


I shot a lot of videos, here's the first one.

To be continued...

All photographs and video materials are copyright.

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