Red flower lake. Part 2.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 3 Dec 2020


Part 1 read here:

Lake of red flowers. Part 1

After seeing where everyone is going and going, we went there, there is only one road. Large numbers of cyclists were overtaking us.
Around the greenery, the road along the lake.


In the photo you can see people floating, but there are shields everywhere: deep, do not swim.


The Chinese are all swimming somewhere, but all with protective bright orange floats. In the video you can see how this swim looks like.
The lake looks wonderful among trees and grass.




The road is wonderful and smooth.



It was very funny to constantly meet with the Chinese, who apparently do not see foreigners in this park.
In general, the Chinese immediately tell whether they are used to foreigners or not.
The Chinese are very curious, they always start looking at foreigners, they can even come closer and look, they can stand and not take their eyes off.
Of course, for many, upbringing takes over, they look furtively, but it's still clear that they don't meet foreigners every day.

We constantly live in such districts of different cities where foreigners live crowded, and the Chinese not only got used to them, they no longer notice us, because every day we buy something in the markets, in shops, go for a walk with the dogs, walk with children in playgrounds (we are any foreigners, in general).
If you notice the passing Chinese people turn their heads to look at you ...
If you see that passing cyclists turn their heads so that they can easily fall, because they do not look forward (and have fallen more than once, by the way, during our stay in China), but are looking at you, then you are in a place where foreigners don't get there.

This park is also a rarity for foreigners.
Therefore, I shot a lot of videos of how the Chinese ride their bicycles, how they go to meet us, how they look and examine.
It doesn't irritate me, I got used to it for a long time.
So we got to the first station, which was 1.7 km from the start of the journey.


Some of the videos turned out to be funny, because we just walked and talked, and I shot the video on the go, like a stream.

All photos and videos are copyright.

To be continued.

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