Halloween in Vietnam, part 2.

By lannabeiker | Lanna Beiker's Notes | 29 Jan 2021

It remains for me to show you beautiful compositions from the park, created especially for Halloween.
And the snowmen, pumpkins in the first photo have a place to be repeated, although I already showed you them in a previous article. They are very funny, made of emoticons.
Still, pumpkin is a unique vegetable, or a unique berry. Watching which side to look at this fruit. It does not matter whether it is a vegetable or a berry, but its uniqueness lies in the fact that it grows in different sizes and different colors.
All shades of orange-white-yellow, probably, you can say that about pumpkin.
And the compositions from it are simply unique.
For example, when we arrived on the cable car upstairs, in the lobby we saw just such a pretty picture.




And above, in the park itself, is such a beauty.
I really liked this staircase. I don’t know whose heads are depicted to the right and left of the stairs, specifically some characters, or simply abstract inhabitants, but the stairs turned out to be original.








And on one upper platform there is a building that is completely covered with ivy.
And on the one hand, where there is a completely green wall, they made such wonderful compositions at the windows, here they are just green figures, and for Halloween too.
I won’t show myself, but I’ll say right away that I couldn’t resist and took a picture on each bench, next to each window from the ones you see below.
Well, it was impossible not to sit on these window sills, benches and not stand next to this beauty.








And by the way, Starbucks is located in this building. And its facade is also completely green, just the staircase shown above leads to it.


About the uniqueness of this park, Ba Na Hills, I will write the following separate article in which I will talk about the park itself and its unique location.
And about decorating the park for Halloween with this article, I finish my story.

To be continued...

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