Using the Tezos Foundation's Faucet

By Lanky Asha'man | Lankyashaman | 8 Feb 2020

The Tezos Foundation has had their Faucet up and running for a few weeks now, so I thought that I would show you the ease with which you can utilize this Tezos drip.


First you enter your valid XTZ address and a phone number.  They will send you a text with a verification code that you will enter so that the foundation can ensure that you are a human and all of that good stuff.



You will then sit at this screen that lets you know that your request was verified and is heading for the queue.  




The faucet drips .01 XTZ every 10 seconds to someone in the queue.  The max queue size is 10, so if you do not make it into the queue on your first try, then you will see the following screen.  You should just enter your details again until you make it into the queue.




Congratulations,  you have successfully received .01 XTZ.  Don't spend it all in one place.  You will see this screen with your Transaction ID and your Block Hash. 




This faucet keeps track of your wallet address and IP address to make sure that people aren't spamming the faucet.  You are only able to use the Tezos Faucet once every 48 hours.  If you try to receive a drip from the faucet to the same wallet or IP address before your 48 hours are up, then you will see this screen.




No worries, you won't be punished for trying again too soon, just wait a while and try again.


Sure, it's only .01 XTZ per drip, but I enjoy testing out the different features of my cryptocurrencies, and I would much rather use a faucet that drips directly from the creators of Tezos than some third-party website's faucet. 


Drink from the faucet here:


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Lanky Asha'man
Lanky Asha'man

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