The Decentraland Treasure Hunt: $100k in Prizes

By Lanky Asha'man | Lankyashaman | 22 Feb 2020

In case you haven't heard, Decentraland has been open for a few days, and they are hosting a "treasure hunt"  that started Thursday and will end at the end of the day Thursday.


If you would like to receive a little mana, some wearable NFT's for in-game use, some Matic, a few cryptokitties, or even some in-game land, then hop over to to get your portion of the $100,000 in prizes up for grabs.




In order to participate in the treasure hunt, you will have to pay 100 Mana to buy a name for your avatar.  This name is actually then tokenized, and you can sell it on the Decentraland market.  


First, you must link a wallet that contains your 100 Mana.  They support MetaMask and hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S.  I recommend MetaMask, since I find it easy to connect to other platforms like cryptokitties, and if you get a kitty in a chest, you will want to be able to access it.




Then, you will create your avatar, choosing things like hair, eyes, skin tone, clothing, etc.  All of this can be changed later, so don't stress out too much.  Hurry up, so you can get hunting.




Once you are finished, you will be dropped into a very brief tutorial, and, upon completion, they will drop you into Decentraland.




This is a massive world, and it may take a while to find your bearings.  That is probably one reason for the treasure hunt.  It forces people to hop around the world checking things out.  You can teleport by typing /goto -55, 124 or whatever coordinates you wish to be sent to.  Also, you can type /goto magic to be sent to a "place of interest."  


For the purpose of the treasure hunt, you will want to know the command /goto next which will teleport you to the next "scene."  These scenes may just be cool buildings for you to check out with a chest inside, or they may be games like mazes, obstacle courses, etc. where you must complete the game for a chest to appear.  For a full list of "scenes" with chests, check out

This list also contains coordinates that you can type into the /goto command if you want to go to a specific scene instead of the "next" scene.




I also recommend checking out this Youtube channel:

The channel's name is HPrivakos and so far he has posted walk-throughs for 28 "scenes."


Here is an example of a "scene."  Someone built this Volcano in Decentraland.




The chest was at the summit, I had to climb up these tiny platforms around the inside of the Volcano.




When you find a chest, they will look like this.




And, when you open it, the contents will pop up on your screen like this.




Here I won a wearable NFT and 10 Mana.  


And, these are the 4 cryptokittes that I've pulled out of chests.  I've opened about 30 of the around 50 chests available.




Not every chest will contain prizes, and the prizes are supposed to get better with every open, but trust me it is worth it to keep on chugging along.  I've already recouped my initial investment of 100 Mana, since most chests contain Mana along side whatever else is in them.  Also, the developers have said that everyone that finds all of the chests will receive the "grand prize" in the final chest, whatever that means.


If you are using MetaMask, you will be asked to confirm each transaction when you find prizes, and you will have to pay a bit of Ethereum gas.  I'm not sure what this process looks like if you linked a hardware wallet, but this this pops up on MetaMask.




Once you've found a few wear-able NFT's or some land, you may want to check out  Here you can buy and sell Decentraland assets.




I should probably mention that Decentraland is a bit slow and has its share of bugs, but all in all, they have created a pretty interesting world, and the users that have built on their own plots of land have done an impressive job.  It is obvious that Decentraland still needs a lot of development, and with the $25 million budget that keeps getting thrown around, I'm sure we will see a lot happening soon.  


For now, if you are having trouble rendering the game, I suggest lowering your setting.  At times, I would turn the rendering scale down to 0.2, and my draw distance down almost all of the way if I was trying to load a particularly vibrant and involved "scene."





Join the Decentraland Discord if you need any help.  People there are always talking about this event.


Leave a comment if you find anything rare and Happy Hunting!!!



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