One Main Reason Why I Switched To Brave

By JustZ | LabsZ | 11 Aug 2019

This story is real. 

First of all, I’m not a fanboy of any of the browser. Been using Firefox, Opera, even Internet Explorer and most recently Chrome. All of them have served me well depending on my needs at the given time. 

Most people don’t like change. We resits. Be it habits, daily routine or an internet browser. Humans  typically change only when something really starts bothering us or cause pain. Be it physical pain or mental one aka. ‘pain in the ass’. 

Long story short, I’ve been on the crypto rollercoaster since early 2017 and witnessed tons of projects appear and disappear. BAT & Brave has been a long time on my radar, I have come across Brave Browser many times, however, there was this thing that prevented me from switching to it from chrome. 

And it wasn’t just about ad blocking - I had a decent army of ad blocker extensions at chrome. It was my habit of using Chrome daily, all my passwords stored in, logged-in sessions and extensions. 

Whenever I thought about the hassle of migrating all of this, it gave me a headache.

I’m sure many of you are on the same page as me back then. 

You may ask, what made me pull the trigger and finally switch to Brave on all of my devices?

It wasn't just about ad blocking, but it helps. Here's how looks from my mobile phone when viewed from the Brave Browser (left) VS when viewed from Google Chrome (right).

And Publish0x only has one ad! When you look at websites that try to monetize every millimeter of free space with more ads, it gets really annoying, really fast.


It started with my frustration where chrome couldn’t handle the amount of tabs I need to have open at the same time. It started to lag as hell ( pain in the ass, remember?). 

This was the moment I headed over to and downloaded the browser as I remember reading about it being also faster than chrome. Shortly after installing Brave it hit me. I was able to migrate all my passwords, sessions and bookmarks within one Import Now click of a button. 

Not only that. It turned out that I can use all chrome’s extensions on Brave. 

How? Both are using the same engine, Chromium.

Did that switch give me a pain release from my lagging Chrome? 

Oh yes. Since Brave is the shark of native ad and trackers blocking it makes website load navigation much more rapid! As for an internet freak like me, that’s a huge positive change I desperately needed. 

The only thing I regret is not switching sooner. How much time I wasted with my lagging Chrome, not to mention all that data being tracker anyway and being sent to Google’s data centers and god knows where else?

Stay open for what’s new :)


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