Participate in CoinMarketCap KAVA quiz to earn KAVA (Videos on Written Form included on post)

By L0S3rC0D3r | L0S3rC0D3r | 15 Sep 2020

Learn more about the KAVA crypto-token, before all you are going to need to make an account in CoinMarketCap. And also to have a wallet address for your KAVA tokens. I recommend the "hot" wallet of KAVA in Binance, with a safe 2FA (2 Factor Authentification), and dont worry, there's no need for KYC (Know your customer) registration.

The Quiz and videos are in the link below:

Personal Experience: I started to buy stakable crypto-tokens (pennystock) at the beggining of the year, this coin in particular, when it had a great APY (anual-percent yield) of 14-16 %, now (5-8 %). I bought the minimum of 1 Kava, and I'm HODLing for great returns. If any of this jargon is strange to you, I would appreciate that you to look to my older post for references that can help you learn more about crypto in general.

TLDR: Now, heres a written form of the (3) videos, so it could be faster for avid readers on the platform to answer the Quiz faster. It would be a good idea to watch the videos and aid you with the notes taken below. Thank you for your attention:

Learn about Kava and earn KAVA tokens | CoinMarketCap

Earn more with your digital assets using KAVA

"Kava is a decentralized bank run by hundreds of organizations across the world. Unlike centralized banks that take profits for themselves, the open decentralized bank of KAVA passes the profits back to you, the user. Kava helps you earn more with your digital assets by giving you new ways to earn interest on your crypto, by providing you extra capital when your need it and by giving you rewards when you contribute to the KAVA platform. This is enabled by KAVA's revolutionary open source technology that creates an open decentralized network capable of delivering financial services globally to anyone, anytime and anywhere. All of this is operated collectively by thousands of people, bussiness and institutions around the world, each of whom hold $KAVA - the token responsible for security governance and representing ownership of KAVA. KAVA is truly run by the people that use it. When users, developers or financial institutions use KAVA, they are rewarded by the platform with valuable $KAVA tokens, giving them ownership and a voice in its ongoing evolution of new features and services. Any financial service or applitation can integrate with KAVA's open platform. Services that use cypto assets can integrate Kava to offer their users KAVA's financial services like loans, stablecoins and high yield interest accounts. As a growing world of users, applications and financial services use the KAVA platform, $KAVA tokens are consumed by the protocoll at a  faster rate becoming more scarce over time. Powered by revolutionary technology and owned by its users, Kava's decentralized bank has the potential to revolutionize
the finance industry by removing the middlemen, unnecessary fees and giving users the abilityto earn more with their digital assets. Kava is putting financial power back into the hands of the people."

How to borrow using KAVA?

"Smart people have earned more by borrowing since the dawn of finance. Some of their borrowing strategies include dobling down on profitable investments, buying the dip with more capital to catch more upside and using loans to pay for unforeseen expenses so they avoid needing to liquidate their assets. Traditional banks allow customers to borrow with their existing assets as collateral. KAVA lets you borrow with your crypto allowing you to earn more by giving you capital whenever you want it, all without having to sell your crypto. Borrowing on KAVA is easy. Here's how it works: simply move your crypto assets to KAVA, where they are safely stored and  secured by the leading institutions in the industry, then borrow the amount of stable
coins you want. They will appear in your KAV account instantly, ready to be spent on whatever you want. The amount of stable coins you can borrow ratio allowed on KAVA for your particular asset being used as collateral. For example, BNB has a borrow ratio of 67 percent, which means you can borrow up to 67 cents in stable coins for every 1$ of BNB you have in KAVA. Now you can earn more by using your borrowed assets however you want. When you borrow on the Kava platform you automatically get compensated with $KAVA tokens in proportion to the amount you borrow. This fair distribution of KAVA's governance tokens ensures the power of the KAVA network will always stay in the hands of its users. So there you have it, borrowing with KAVA is easy. Simply move assets to KAVA, borrow and start earning. Kava's borrowing services can be accessed by anyone thanks to KAVA's open decentralized network. Users, appli cations and even financial institutions all over the world can now earn more with their crypto assets, all thanks to KAVA. Start earning at today."

What is the KAVA Token?
"KAVA's goal is to be a decentralized global platform for financial services that  enables users to earn more with their digital assets anywhere in the world. To accomplish this goal there is the native $KAVA token of the Kava blockchain, which represents ownership and enables users to have a say in all matters of the KAVA platform. Anyone can easily earn $KAVA by using the platform. If you borrow on KAVA you also earn $KAVA for being a user. You also can stake $KAVA and earn more, which improves the security of the KAVA network, making it a safer place for finan cial applications. New users earn a say in the future of the platform with every block produced on KAVA, creating better decentralization over time. As KAVA's services and demand for them changes, so too will be the distribution of $KAVA  tokens to ensure that the KAVA network remains in the hands of its users. All changes to KAVA originate from $KAVA token holders. By holding $KAVA, any user can vote on proposed changes to the platform, delegate their vote or submit their
own proposals for improvements allowing for platform updates with new assets, changes to the system parameters and other new functionality to be added. As more users and applications use KAVA's services, the faster $KAVA tokens are consumed by the platform and the scarcer $KAVA tokens become. This means that as the Kava platform's usage grows, any $KAVA tokens you earn today and save will represent a larger and larger ownership stake of the platform. This aligns long-term incentives for all $KAVA token holders. The $KAVA token makes the Kava platform  possible by ensuring it is safe, decentralized and always evolving to meet the needs of its users. It is up to $KAVA token holders like you to decide the future of the platform. With your help and the support of the global community of developers, financial services and users, the KAVA platform will evolve over time adding new assets and products to achieve the goal of enabling people all around the world to earn more with their digital assets."

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