How Uphold Cheats his Customers

By Kryptowork | Kryptotreff | 14 Aug 2020

Hey Publishians,
after a small write Break Time here on Publish to test new Projekts, We start to share our beginner experience with you again.
Normally we test and write about projects that allow beginners to collect small amounts of crypto in order to gain initial experience, confirm the payouts. Today, however, there is a topic that makes us very angry personally, but let's start from the beginning.


what is Uphold?

We'll keep it short as most of you know Uphold. Uphold is some Multi-Currency Wallet with a lot of Coins. It is integrated into the Brave Browser. If you use the Brave Browser, you have to Create an Uphold Wallet to receive your Monthly Reward. Uphold Works with CredEarn, some Lending Service with his own Coin Cred/LBA


The Situation

We Started in Dezember 2019 to use Brave and created in the same Month our Uphold Wallet. The first experience with Uphold was ok. We passed the KYC and Start to earn Monthly Brave Rewards. After 3 months we started to pull cryptos worth around $ 400 on Uphold to test CredEarn.  Then the first Problem Starts. We Receive all Emails from Uphold, but not the Email to set our 2FA key to Payout from the Wallet. We write now almost 4 Months with Uphold Support to fix this problem but they are unable to solve it. But about this Problem, we will Creat some extra Posts in the Next Days but this Situation is the reason why we Start to exchange our LBA to quit using Uphold and here starts the Cheat Problem.


The Cheating Problem

Uphold advertise the Last Weeks for his New Interface. You find a banner on the Top of your Wallet if you log in to your Browser. 


The message is Clear, Try the New Interface without Any fees! After click ``Try Now´´ a New Window opens with the New Interface. It looks like this:


Ok, it looks Clear and Easy to use. No notice about some fee and remember the Advertise from the MainPage. Now we start to set up a Trade, it looks like this:


And again the Notice, no Fee/Commission BUT..... after you Confirme the Trade, Uphold takes 3 Euro Fee from your yield. They don't show it at any Place. The first 2 Trades we didn't notice it but after the Last Trade, we were Confused. The Trade Amount must be 140 Euro but after the Trade, we hold Only 136.70 Euro in Our Wallet.


Try to Fix the Problem

After we noticed that a fee was being debited, we thought "it is sure to be a mistake" and contacted the support. And this is where it started that we got really angry. Andrea from Uphold Support didn't listen to our Arguments that Uphold clear advertises no fee in the New Interface. We prove it to you as a reader with our Screenshots. She referred us to the FAQ that says that a trade costs 3 euros flat, no matter what amount and there is no problem. It is legit. At the end of the Chat, she sends us cheeky a smiley like a f***y***...




considering that we have been trying to get our money for 4 months but Uphold is not able to bring up a solution, the whole thing left a bitter aftertaste. And if someone Advertise 0 Fee, and show it in the Trade window bevor you Confirm your Trade, but take some Money, it is a Scam/Fraud. After the Chat in the Wallet with Andrea, I send the Same Screenshots I show you in the Article, via Email to Uphold but they Ignore us again.


Thanks for Reading and Support <3



Stay healthy and curious about the many new crypto projects and learn to Protect yourself.



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