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Betfury's staking

By VeryKoolKat | Krypto Kool Kat Talk | 18 Mar 2023

Hey there, let me tell you about my personal experience with stacking rewards.

I had been searching for a trustworthy and reliable platform to earn some passive income, and that's when I came across Yes ! Follow me, on that one ! The website offers a unique stacking rewards program that allows users to earn rewards simply by holding their BFG tokens on the platform. Yes, it is a casino website first and foremost, but it also offer players a way to mine their in-house by playing their games. Personnaly, I'd rather simply buy and stack them. It's easier and I prefer not to gamble (I'm a sore looser !).

What I like most about the stacking rewards program is that it's straightforward and easy to understand. You don't need to have any prior knowledge or experience to start earning rewards. All you need to do is hold your BFG tokens on the platform, and the rewards will automatically start accumulating. You’ll need at the very least 100 tokens to gain tokens but trust me, you’ll want to stake more than that !

If you're looking for a reliable and easy way to earn some extra income, I highly recommend checking out stacking rewards. It's a legitimate platform that offers great earning potential and is perfect for anyone who wants to earn passive income without having to put in too much effort. Give it a try, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

I have been staking on the platform for over a year now and have earned over $50 in a multiple token : BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX and finally USDT. I actually have 6,5k tokens (worth 115$ as of now) staked and I plan to ad more for at least 10k. The current apy is around 43 % but there were some times it was over 60 % !

Here's an exemple of what I've stacked for over 7 months now.


Staking on is a great way to build up your cryptocurrency portfolio over time. The longer you stake, the more rewards you can accumulate, and the more diversified your portfolio becomes. Plus, since the rewards are paid out in various tokens, you have the opportunity to diversify your holdings and potentially benefit from the growth of multiple cryptocurrencies. I'm very glad to be a part of that program !

If you want to purchase some BFG to stake them, you can do so on Biswap !


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