Big Move from Ripple: RippleNet Home
Big Move from Ripple: RippleNet Home

By Yasin | Kripto | 8 Nov 2019


Ripple, the firm behind XRP, one of the world's largest and most popular cryptocurrencies, unfortunately failed to meet expectations with the Swell conference, which began yesterday, and the price of XRP fell rather than rose.

Today's panel was given the expected news and Ripple's new product "RippleNet Home" was officially announced. RippleNet Home will allow companies to learn about their payment flows in real time. In this way, many businesses will be able to strengthen their presence in different markets around the world and even enter new sectors.

RippleNet Home will provide companies with detailed information about the sector. Companies in the transfer and money transfer sector, RippleNet Home in which country and how efficient this sector can provide data on how efficient can be provided. With this feature, RippleNet Home provides companies with a detailed roadmap before they step into the sector. The product's active intelligence network seems to prevent potential false preferences at certain rates. Together with RippleNet Home, it is predicted that the RippleNet payment network will be used more by banks in the future.

With this partnership, RippleNet members will have low commission fees and instant transactions using Ripple's ODL service. Ripple CEO Garlinghouse said in a statement last day that Ripple's corporate network has reached over 300 participants, and the new service can certainly be interpreted as a unique opportunity for companies in different sectors.


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