Krebit's Motivation and Vision

In a world where likes and followers are fake or paid, making deals and trusting people that you don't know on the internet is hard. You don't know if the buy/sell publication or even the reviews are from real persons or fake/duplicated accounts.  And if you are an honest user, and take the time and effort to build a proper reputation on a platform, you can't take it to another platform and have to start over from scratch.

So, how can we buy/sell products and services with confidence in the other parties? How can we build an online reputation that we can take with us to any other platform?

Reputation systems and DAOs developed using blockchain technology have great challenges: governance, sovereign-identities, reputation calculation, vote buying, vote swings, vote apathy, plutocracy, sybil attacks. etc. 

Different solutions have been provided for DAOs and sybil-resistant reputation systems. However, this can be too complex, costly or too generic to apply on a marketplace application.

Krebit’s vision is allowing the people to trust each other again, maximizing social capital. 

Krebit is part of a next generation of Digital Assets-related services, serving as a reputation scoring platform for all members of the blockchain community. Krebit makes it easy to make Deals in a decentralized web3 of trust, and has specific features to solve the big challenges of other systems:

Krebit Architecture


  • Krebit will use scalable, decentralized, privacy preserving identity systems running on top of the main public blockchains.
  • Krebit will provide a Claim Verification Marketplace where people will be able to import their external reputation scores from off-chain oracles and on-chain DeFi protocols.
  • Krebit smart contracts will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, and there will be bridges to other blockchains, and oracles for web2 sites, to ensure future aggregation of Decentralized Reputation (DeRep) across a multi-chain ecosystem.
  • Krebit will be governed by an open DAO of stakeholders, industry experts and project partners.
  • Krebit is not going to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we intend to use the best existing tools and best practices for each component of the architecture.

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Decentralized Reputation (DeRep) for a Web3 of Trust. | |

Krebit - Your Web3 Reputation Passport
Krebit - Your Web3 Reputation Passport

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