Krebit - Web3 Verifiable Credentials March Update

Hi!, A lot of updates in the past month for!  

  • Gitcoin GR13 results
  • Krebit Community kicked off!
  • Partnerships and Integrations on the way
  • How can you Contribute?

Gitcoin GR13 results

The Gitcoin Grant Round #13 March 9-24th was a complete success! Krebit’s grant participated in the main and Radicle rounds, raising more than US$13K from nearly 5,000 contributors, with a quadratic matching of US$32,5K.

Funds will be released in mid April, and they will be used to advance the Krebit roadmap, that you can follow on the Krebit DAO’s Dework board:

First Krebit Community Call

On March 26th we had our first AMA call, hosted by @lichen_dev, who recently joined the Krebit team as Community Co-Lead. Lichen is passionate about privacy-preserving, censorship-resistant solutions in Web3, and has relevant experience hosting community events like SauceDAO’s DeFi Book Club and Sauce Tank.


The Krebit twitter and Discord server are also growing rapidly, with members testing the beta app in Rinkeby, and showing their friends how to use Krebit in different languages like Turkish and Japanese!

Also, we had a great discussion about Sybil Resistance and how to integrate BrightID with Verifiable Credentials on the BrightID AMA call:


We are moving to integrate Krebit with multiple other apps for a seamless Web3 experience. Here’s a glimpse at some of the exciting partnerships we have on the way:  

  • Discord Bot — being able to get roles based on verifiable credentials.
  • BrightID — making your uniqueness much more portable.
  • DAOhaus — more accurate/detailed profiles, allow to filter DAO members based on credentials.
  • CyberConnect — display follower/following social graph.
  • Orbis — display credentials in Orbis, allow to filter members based on credentials, choose who your content is displayed to.
  • dCompass — Gain credentials based on your experience with protocols.
  • DeWork— Gain credentials based on work paid on DAOs.

How can you Contribute?

  • Join the Dework board: where you will be able to: follow the roadmap, vote and apply for bounties to contribute on open tasks.
  • Investor Introductions: If you are in contact with any investors interested in Web3 identity solutions, it would be great to get an introduction. We’re currently scheduling legal consultation for planning the Krebit DAO fundraising rounds.

Learn more:

Please don’t forget to:

Cheers! Krebit Team

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