5 CryptoFaucets I Use

By Kovak | Kovak | 13 Aug 2023

Hello! Below I am providing a list of five faucets that I personally use every day. Feel free to use them. Let's get to the point:

  1. FreeBitco.in

Every hour we can collect a few satoshis. Additionally, there's an option to play the hi/low game. Reward points are used to claim bonuses, enter lucky wheel spins, and more. A very cool faucet with numerous opportunities to earn free satoshis. 


  1. Betfury.io

My favourite faucet, unfortunately after the update that happened some time age We can start collecting free BTC only after reaching rank 2 on the website, which requires achieving a wager of $2000. Nonetheless, I personally reached this rank and now I enjoy collecting 42.17sat per hour. The overall cost of reaching rank 2 was around $5 for me. From the received BTC so far, I've accumulated about $20. So, it's worth it.


  1. AutoFaucet by DutchyCorp

Also a very cool faucet. The main idea is that we exchange our Dutchies (the site's currency) for up to 72 different cryptocurrencies! We accumulate Dutchies through various tasks, surveys, and watching ads. What's even cooler - every half an hour, we can collect free Dutchies as well as the cryptocurrency of the month, currently TRX. For earning Dutchies, we also receive experience points, which are necessary for leveling up, granting increasingly larger bonuses for collecting crypto. The website also offers a staking option.


  1. FireFaucet

Very similar faucet to the one above. We collect points -> we automatically receive cryptocurrencies. We earn points in a very similar manner.


      5. VieFaucet.com

Very cool faucet! Especially if you're willing to collect points every 4 minutes! A faucet with points every 4 minutes, watching ads, a daily bonus to claim - including points and a percentage bonus. Moreover, on their Telegram, they share a code for 200 points every day. Cryptocurrencies can be collected in your faucetpay.io wallet.




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Final AutoFaucet





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