Coin Hunt World - Getting Started with Mobile Play2Earn and DCA in October 2021

Coin Hunt World - Getting Started with Mobile Play2Earn and DCA in October 2021

By Korlithiel | Crypto gamer at home | 11 Oct 2021

Now many months in, still loving going for a couple of daily walks with my infant and playing Coin Hunt World. The game is made by Titanium Toaster, and currently seed funded and so in loss mode while building out the game and getting the parts in place so they can get their model underway. for the official website, for the fan map of the POI's, and for the fan wiki.

How to get started!

Remember to use my relink to get a buddy bonus of two mystery boxes (keys/materials)!


  1. Install CoinHuntWorld
  2. Click before you build an HQ (Headquarters). If the link launches the game, the referral worked. If not, tap and hold the link and make sure it launches the game.
  3. Save up 10 blue keys, tap a gray (used) key spot and use it to forge a green key. From there, anywhere you can access it easily (only visible to you) place your HQ and look for your mystery boxes in your mailbox.

Apple iOS - now on waitlist, and for months now awaiting iOS App Store approval.

  1. Skip these steps, buy a cheap Android, and if you hate having to use two devices contact Apple about getting it approved. The waiting list has been full for months and Apple is showing no signs they will approve the game anytime soon, if at all.
  2. Install TestFlight:
  3. Install CoinHuntWorld:
  4. Click before you build an HQ (Headquarters).
    • If the link launches the game, the referral worked.
    • If the link goes to the App Store instead of launching the game, please restart your device, then long-press the referral link to “open with” Coin Hunt World!

How I play is by pushing a stroller around town, or sometimes an outing to the nearest yellow vault. It’s nice that I’ve a game I can DCA a little into crypto, enjoy, and do so while my baby sleeps peacefull, all while out on walks. Limitations: USA/Canada/greater London area. Mobile only, no location spoofing, must have and use a working camera. English only at this time. And Uphold for withdrawals (relink:

For those new here at Publish0x and looking to stay, here is my relink to get you started:

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Dad at home, hiker, avid reader, gamer.

Crypto gamer at home
Crypto gamer at home

A father at home, coffee drinker, reader, gamer, and now dipping my toes into the world of coins. Join me on my journey, and my sporadic posts.

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