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Bridging from Polygon to Fantom via Anyswap? Let's try!

By Kopi | kopiarticles | 30 Nov 2021

Looking to venture into other chains? Let's try out a popular protocol - AnySwap.

From DefiLlama, it's the 12th protocol by TVL in Polygon, and is present in those chains as shown below - really one of the protocols that can really call itself multi-chain.



What are the fees involved? 0.9 USDC fee, which is pretty reasonable

Any minimum sum? 12 USDC. Any lower, you should question yourself why you are moving away from Polygon (which is still the cheapest chain from my own defi experience)


Is it guaranteed? I would assume we'll have to check the pool figure below to ensure there's liquidity.


Well, looks like AnySwap is reminding us to check the liquidity. Let me just pause here and say - always do a test transfer. You never know what can go wrong in defi and you don't want a significant sum to go missing in a new route.


How long does it take? Well, around 20 minutes for transaction to show in Polygonscan, and another 10 minutes for it to reflect within AnySwap webpage. This is within the range of 10 to 30 minutes as per the above screenshot on the points (on fees etc.).


So what form did it show up in Fantom? As mentioned above, it took 10 minutes to reflect in AnySwap after the successful transaction has gone through. What did I do? Panic of course. I went to explore on how to remove my liquidity by referring to the reminder above. You may try the below method as well if your balance is not reflecting.

At the top right hand corner, instead of Router, click to Pool. You should see below page. Venture to the token you have transferred and click on Remove.


You'll see below page which shows the anyUSDC (hooray, found it!). But it's zero.


Just a few seconds later, the page refreshed itself and happy to see that my USDC (in its original form) is in, to be exact - USDC19.10 after deducting USDC0.90 for fees.


Cheers, hope you guys find the above useful for bridging. It seems to serve multiple chains, so I believe the above can be replicated between other chains.


Image credit from AnySwap.

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