Link Building: lavarege your webpage organically

By Synergy | kolor | 23 Feb 2022

Many people use the term Link Building, but few understand the concept behind it.

So let's define and try to explain how and when you should use it.

First, the definition: Link Building, different than most think is not spam your link to the four winds of the four seasons.

Link building comes with one responsability and goal in mind: to increase ranking on search engines. But this comes with a cost: time and knowledge.

Posting your link in big websites might help, but it won't if your link doesn't come with great content.

So here is a thing to worry about: when you need it.

You need link building, if you have made great effort to provide unique, great, exclusive and outstanding content.

Only then I suggest you to move a step forward and work on link building.

Link building won't help in SEO if you have nothing to show on webpage.

Now, let's suppose you have great content and you want to spread your link so it propagate like wildfire in dry wood.

If that is the case, and you can't afford a SEO expert, I suggest you do not go everywhere spamming people to clickbait your link.

Instead, pick a niche. Narrow it down. Choose a niche that really matters to the content you produce. 

If the niche you choose is right fit, the returns will be fast. Otherwise, in most cases you can try again.

When choosing a niche, have in mind: "do I offer a practical solution to that specific group of people?"

If you do, build your links around it, on pages relevant to it.

That way you can have a way more specific goal and market penetration than just "sending link everywhere".

And remember, it is all about people and needs.

I also talked about it on Medium!

Check it out:

Link Building: lavarage your public organically

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