How to produce original content: an insight analisys

By Synergy | kolor | 23 Feb 2022

This is a quite questionable topic title.

How to produce original content? That MUST be click-bait!

First glance at this topic title is like the need for water in a hot desert.

Can we at least say there is new content out there to be explored to those willing to write top articles?

In fact, this is a challenging question. Brain go nuts trying to figure out new ideas yet to be explored by eager youngling blogger, who wish to make the best of it's career.

Let's just relax for a moment, and release the tension. Let it go, from every muscle from your body, from each part of your brain.

The answer to this problem is like a flare in the dark: for each ramification on human knowledge, you can have a question. For every question, you can have a answer and for each answer, a new question can be made.

So, if you really think deep about it, blogs go beyond the imaginary barrier of internet. They reach the entire scope of human knowledge, as a whole, and all it's ramifications.

There is a lot of blog posts? Yes! But internet is quite a new invention. And human knowledge is far from being full archived in those webpages out there.

So to be honest, to produce brand new content all you have to do is start writing. Each person have it's own experiences and personality, and I doubt anyone could reproduce word-by-word another's man article. 

Having in mind that you are unique, all you have to do is write from your hearth, about things that matter for you, that you really care about.

Always keep these in mind, and you are ready to go!

I also wrote an article on Medium on how to write from hearth:

How to write from hearth

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