How to make serious cash by blogging on Medium

By Synergy | kolor | 23 Feb 2022

Today i come with great news for those trying to make a living by blogging.

First and foremost, I'd like to say this isn't a replacement for publish0x. This is complementary.

Do you ever wonder why there is so many blogs out there, about each and every topic in the world?

Well, this is because where is audience, there is ads, and where is ads, there is cash.

Anyway, don't underestimate your potential as a blogger.

Reports on Medium revenue show that Medium pays about 15 to 20 dollars per 1000 impressions.

This is huge money coming from blogging posts.

You should also have in mind that content quality really is taken into account to measure your performance as a professional blogger.

Anyway, there is some caveats.

Effort needed to start making money is a thing to consider. To join Medium Partner Program you need a minimum of 100 subscribers into your account, and while this is a feasible feat, it's far from easy especially if you are new to blogging.

Don't even think to accomplish that by the first month. You will fool yourself.

By the way, this isn't the only deal here. At moment, the platform affiliated to Medium that makes the payments only support 31 different countries.

If you are not listed in one of these countries, you can try to follow this guide that helps you to open a USA bank account, get a foreign phone number, fill out tax form and get foreign employee id.

With those steps complete, you are ready to start monetizing your Medium posts!

Have in mind one thing: the more you write, more you can earn. This is the basic business math metric.

I can even say it follows a arithmetic progression if you dedicate yourself in delivering evergreen content.

Don't be afraid to start. Be afraid to let opportunity go by instead. It is easy to do nothing when you feel there is nothing to be done. If in place of nothing, you have a sense of urgency, you can achieve great things.

You can also use your publish0x to lavarage your Medium and vice-versa.

This might be a good deal, if done right.

Remember, world can be at your hands, in the distance of a click.

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