I've learned new things on publish0x

I've learned new things on publish0x

There are many useful articles here. I learned what is staking, and how can I use it to earn. There is an academy, where I can learn, develop and apply, the new blockchain technology. There are some issues, with transactions, that take a long time to confirm. I found out, how they can be cancelled. MCO, is one of the cards, that you can top them up, with crypto, and use them in all stores, that accept debit cards. I found the experience, of someone, that used it for a month. Rapids network moved, to a new consensus, and I'm glad I found about it. Dogecoin started as a meme, and a fun project. I agree, that Bitcoin has chances 99.99% to succeed.




1. What is staking? How to earn by staking?

2. Introducing the XTRABYTES™ Academy - A Place to Learn, Develop and Apply Blockchain Technology!

3. How to cancel a unconfirmed transaction

4. 1 month using the MCO card and its amazing cashback

5. Rapids Network - New Consensus

6. The Cryptocurrency that started as a MEME. Did you know about it?

7. Why is Bitcoin 99.99% likely to succeed?


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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users
Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

With this blog, the cryptocurrency user, can gain knowledge about cryptocurrency. It is needed, because cryptocurrency, is not only trading. By knowing, basic things about functionality, the user can make better coin selection and secure assets. If you want to find out more about cryptocurrencies, check out my video collection on tsakf dot org.

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