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Adshares, is the first 100% decentralized service, for programmatic advertising. It is the most advanced blocchain-based project, in programmatic advertising. With the project's unique blockchain, publishers and advertisers, can connect, and make transactions, and direct deals. The programmatic advertising market, has been dominated by a few powerful players, resulting in high fees, lack of transparency, and questionable traffic data. Adshares network developers, believe in the power of the open source community, and the transparency, of the blockchain. All progress is shown on Github.

The main competitive advantage of Adshares network, is the greatly improved transparency, and the reduced barrier to entry. A second era of improvement, is the resistance to fraud, and serve ads, to customers, with adblock. Advertisers, can easily register, by broadcasting, a transaction, that connects the domain, with the account settings. Publishers, request, a list of broadcasts, and add the domain, to the list of their known advertisers. Advertisers, publish their inventory, under a special Url, in their registered domains.

Publishers, can crawl the inventory, from all advertisers, and use it, to optimize revenue. Every advertiser, periodically analyses, a log of served ads, to find out if there are fraud clicks, or analyze data, from user interaction, on the landing page. When, this is done, the advertiser, sends one bulk payment to all publishers, that displays, the desired ad, in the specific time period.



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Knowledge for cryptocurrency users
Knowledge for cryptocurrency users

With this blog, the cryptocurrency user, can gain knowledge about cryptocurrency. It is needed, because cryptocurrency, is not only trading. By knowing, basic things about functionality, the user can make better coin selection and secure assets. If you want to find out more about cryptocurrencies, check out my video collection on tsakf dot org.

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