Work Hard Play Harder - Lifestyles, Attitudes And Absurdities Of The Wealthy

Work Hard Play Harder - Lifestyles, Attitudes And Absurdities Of The Wealthy

Work Hard, Play Hard? No No No! For the wealthy, they play harder than what they worked hard for because they are just reaping the rewards of what they have already planted years ago.

What is the essence of working so hard if we are just gonna waste all the results from the efforts we've done in the past? Let's enjoy it!

We'll all get startled from this topic that I shared all the strangest things that the wealthy people do.

Last year, I have befriended a fellow “Only Son” whom I already considered a friend that I have hung around for several times. Apparently, he seems really nice, though I am sure he is but I’m still having reservations to myself why would this “have-it-all” guy would still wanna hang around with me? Apparently due to my really bubbly and funny personality, I really don’t know and still quite ashamed to ask him myself.

I would consider him in the millionaire level. He is one step below the upper management level of a Top Consumer Products here in the Philippines. (like Procter&Gamble Phils as an example but that’s not it) it is a position that handles all the procurement of all department in a company. A Purchasing Director who also handles IMPEX as an added responsibility.

He lives in a 4-storey mansion alone with only 2 maids and 1 gardener which has only 5 square feet backyard or let’s say a very small garden. He has 4 dogs. 2 dogs live outside the house and 2 dogs stay inside the house. 

A total monthly salary package ranging from 400-500,000 Pesos per month (That's around $10,000 monthly). He has A BMW 2018-Model car (the first time I ever ride on a medium-sized-car), A 2016-Model of Pajero BK, A Ford Everest, A Toyota Fortuner and another Ford Focus.

I could absolutely say that he is really wise spending money but check these things out and it will blow you away once you have known the odd things these wealthy people do.

  • They don’t spend money on cheap things. They always wanted to really have value with their money. Talk about my friend just recently bought 4 pieces of watch as a gift for himself worth 1.1 Million Pesos. Oh yeah and it is just only added to his another batch of collection one wall-sized glass closet full of watches.

  • Extreme love for their pets. Absurd as it may sound but this friend of mine just recently post a job hiring a “dog nanny” with a monthly salary of 20,000 Pesos free food, just to take care of the four dogs he has. (Stay-in) I should’ve applied but gosh I hesitated because of my pride hahahaha. The dogs must take a bath everyday. His only rule.

  • They always wanted their guests to feel welcomed. They always see to it that guests visiting their homes to feel comfortable. Talk about have three large guest rooms with split-type air con, super huge television each rooms with also bathroom with bath tub in all rooms. King-sized super comfy bed (It’s literally like a first class hotel room). Make yourself really feel at home.
  • They are still very wise in terms of investing their money to real fixed assets. My friend likes to buy house and lots and just keep them. He doesn’t even want to sell it (yet – I don’t really know). Condo Units that are not even being visited (He has 2 units in Eastwood, 1 in BGC and another 1 in Makati) He doesn’t even want to let it be rented. I have suggested but he respond “Let it stay there as it is”. Hahaha who am I to argue?
  • Extravagance, Still being a social climber, and crazy ways of leisure / recreation. He loves travelling. A normal leisure time of the “Can Afford”. They do also have circle of friends wealthier than them. So they still happen to be flashing stuff they bought to one another and brag about it. Craaaaazzyyy right?

  • Extremely generous. They happen to help a lot of people most of the times. And the good part is, they don’t want a lot of people to know they have helped a certain person. They don’t normally ask for something in return. But somehow I know they love to know that you acknowledge their help at least. Of course, we, the poor ones, are always grateful for the help and kindness you show and give.

  • Even though they already have more, still they feel they have less. At the time I accompanied him do the grocery (yes, he does the grocery shopping) He’s like wanting to buy a lot of sugar that time. I said 1 kilo would be enough and you are not usually at home to prepare coffee for yourself. He replied, get at least 5 kilos of sugar so that he will not go to the grocery and buy sugar again for a long time. This not only goes out for sugar alone but every items that we pass through. Crazy!

  • They are lonely. (Most of them) Money cannot buy happiness but yes money can buy the things that make people happy. He once said, just be here with me as a friend and just be a friend. I can hire an adviser, a consultant or a specialist if I seek for other kinds of help. Make me happy. Confide your problems with me. Cry with me. Laugh with me. I was really moved by that moment. In my own perception, he wanted me to confide my problems to him so that he would feel that he is not the only one feeling sad because he has some problems too.

Insane enumerated list right?

For my friend I was referring to in this post:

More success to you my friend. Continue to live life to the fullest.

If you happen to read this blog I created, I am not selling you off. I just wanted you to know that you are crazy as hell like me. Probably you might laugh at this one. And if you read this? Then you are definitely really really a STALKER! I have told you I do blog a little to earn a little.

My friend is (still) single, the only child, both parents already died. Relatives and friends are always being around him so he’s not really lonely. But nothing can really satisfy a person than having a family of his own.

We should also accept God in our life to feel complete.

Thank you so much for reading my post here on publish0x. Let's make it a point to post topics that comes within our hearts and not just the call of our pockets.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead of us.

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