The Others | Funny Rather Than A Scary Story
The Others | Funny Rather Than A Scary Story

I love to share personal stories of mine that are really memorable. It is amazing that we can utilize this platform publish0x for us to post these stories aside from our crypto-experience. This would mean that our profile makes us human and not just a dummy lurking around here promoting referral links to our own benefit.

Let me know if this story has spooked you or just made you laugh a bit.

Ever wondered are there any other beings living and existing around us? I am gonna say yes! From my true-to-life experience(s), this experience I had which I am going to share in a funny way to keep the readers laugh a bit instead of scaring them off.

The Others

When I was 20 years old, I had this great vacation in Batangas City, Philippines. It is located in the outskirts of the Mainland Luzon. Yes, it is a city but then it is still mainly the sea-port for transportation over the seas to other regions down on the southern part. I usually spend my vacation in my grandmother’s house there in Batangas. She is the mother of my father. I spend time with my older cousins but haven’t really gotten close with them those times coz of the age gaps. Instead, I always try to hang out with the adopted young adults of my grandma to stay with her and lead them into their Religion ~ Iglesia Ni Cristo.

There is one cute boy there named Miko whom my grandmother adopted for many years and already treated him as a family. My grandma’s Nipa Hut is located in the middle of the ricefield, also surrounded by a lot of mango trees that is really a great place to spend your summer vacation aside from the beach due to the cold breeze of the air. The place is said to be the convergence of different astral planes / dimension into different worlds and stuff like that. I already believed stories like these because of the past experiences of these other beings lurking everywhere when I was still a kid.


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My grandmother would tell stories that she is experiencing loud noises of flipping the bamboo floor every night. I was excited to hear and experience this kind of moment where it can scare the hell out of me because at this point of my life I was really seeking for great adventures too. Together with my aunt, the youngest sibling of my father, she also tell stories that she has seen these creatures / entities before her third eye was closed. Spookier than what my grandma is telling me because she really describes all the things that she sees in a very vivid way.


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My first night came, we were all eating on the floor and talked about what might happen and the things I will be hearing later on. The floor is made up of bamboo strips that you will still feel the cold air below the house entering the sides of each side of the bamboo strips. During daytime, you would actually still see the chicken when you look down to the bamboo floor. My grandmother demonstrated how the sound is being produced. She then held a coin in then stride it against the bamboo floor from her left side to her right side. It then produced a several cracking or ticking sound but not lasted for 2-3 seconds (because her arm movement cannot be extended and she has reached her maximum glide of her arm while holding the coin).

Sleeping time. My aunt and grandmother slept in the living room on the floor covered with banig or weaved dry coconut leaves. Same with what we are also going to use. I was kinda excited because I will be accompanied by Miko (the cute adopted teenager by my grandmother) in another room but not the bedroom. It’s the middle part of the house. Gosh I told Miko to close the windows because it is really getting very cold during the night and I was imagining I will be seeing creatures at night overlooking the thick mango trees just right out of the window. He was 16 years old that time and could see that he is a real nice person granting my request closing the wooden window. We had a little chat with each other before going to sleep. We were like one meter away from each other while both lying down the banig. It was a really kilig (blushing) moment for me that time. I even asked him what does he do whenever he also hears the ticking sounds during the night time. He said he gotten used to it and sometimes just lie still and waited all the time till it the sound stops. Sometimes he already falls asleep during the sounds are still audible.

Then it was almost 11:00 in the evening when I kinda dozed off I was awakened by the sound of something dropped to the floor, then it will slowly create a ticking sound which means that it will slowly move from one place to another and the ticking sound intervals will be really short, meaning the movement of this thing which has dropped is also getting a faster travel time.

Boom! My heart-beat raced just like a drum beaten really fast!

I was really wide awake, got cold perspiration and really didn’t mind anything else but to get aware of the whole situation. The ticking sound keeps on repeating all the time and it will start with another thing being dropped from one place to another. It was far from where Miko and I were located so I thought it was there in my aunt’s and grandma’s place where they sleep. So with all the gathered courage to really know what’s happening I stood up! I even thought of waking up Miko that time but I could really be so inconsiderate if I do so because he was snoring that time. (loved seeing his cute face that time using the light from my digital watch). I got up and slowly tried checking my two family members on the door-less path to the kitchen and seen that they are also asleep as the ticking sound still continues.

I wondered if these two are just the ones playing out my guts those times and just making fun of me. But gosh the sound created from the strides and the movement of the thing which dropped on the floor is very long and cannot really be made up with somebody who is just already lying down pretending to sleep if that’s the case. So I went back to where I was lying down earlier and thought of the worst things possible. I could’ve been eaten alive by those monsters.

The funny part is, I couldn’t take it anymore so I really woke Miko up and went close to him while still lying down. I told him that I heard those sounds already and it scares the hell out of me while hugging him! Hahahahahaha! One point! “Miko, I can’t sleep!” I whispered. “It is already happening, what should we do? Those monsters might eat us alive” I added. “He woke up, kinda annoyed, because he was already gotten a good sleep but still smiled (oh that dim light and seen his great smile from his sparkling white teeth) knowing that I was the one waking him up. He said the sound will just go away so let’s just go back to sleep. Then I told him, “ I can no longer sleep and any time of the moment these creatures might attack us! ”

He replied, “No they won’t, I assure you” I still insisted. Instead of saying anything back, he just wrapped around his arms to me that time and assured me nothing’s bad gonna happen. Boom! Two Points! I was pacified and then put my trust on him at this point. Hahahaha I just told the creatures in my mind that they should die in jealousy because here with me is a cute guy hugging me and protecting me from all of them!

/Mamatay kayo sa inggit/ ~ Filipinos' popular slang.

Funny that I woke up by my grandmother in the morning coz she already prepared coffee and breakfast for me. (God I really missed my grandma now) She asked me if I heard those ticking sound, and I said yes. She continued asking me if I got scared. I told her “Oh yeah! I thought those creatures doing the ticking sound is gonna kill or harm us.” But gladly they didn’t. She said the sound just goes away after few hours so no need to worry. I told her that I have experienced worst things in my life before my third eye was closed. Just like my aunt who were with us as well that time. Miko already went out very early to go to his part time job that morning even though he’s 16 years old he already works and contributes to the family.

Bringing back those memories can really really put a big smile on my face. I haven’t heard of him after I went back to manila after the summer break was over. As for my grandma, I really wanted to visit her. I will also visit the grave of my father. I miss you so much dad! I still pray that you are already in the peaceful place. (which I know you do)

This story is spooky because it really sparked the fright out of me and funny because I was able to get really close to this cute guy and made the most out of the situation in my advantage to be hugged by him.

Thanks you so much for reading my funny story rater than being scary!

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