The Feeling Of Extreme Loneliness When You Lose Your Pet

The Feeling Of Extreme Loneliness When You Lose Your Pet

Hello fellow publish0x writers, I do apologize if I seem to make this blogging platform a diary where I also share my saddest moments. Well, it only proves that I am a human being too and capable of experiencing pain when losing someone I love.


It’s been a few days I felt this longingness ever since my dearest dog has left us. It was everyday of my life since he came into me and my mom, he has been making it colorful and really happy. The past 8 months of his existence was full of love and caring.

The Saddest Feeling You Feel When You Lost Someone You Love

My pets are already a part of my family but this dog is really dear to me because he is the only one who shows real efforts to make our life really enjoyable.

He reciprocated this love with so much efforts to make us really happy. The first time I’ve felt what true loyalty means.
Since the time he left us a few days ago and gone off with a bunch of other stray dogs, It was really hard for me to accept until now. I am writing this post to share the sadness I feel with everyone who can relate to this feeling of longingness I experience.


How can I let go of this feeling when every day the scorching heat of the sun outside is really making anything burning dry. Who’s gonna give my poor dog water to drink whenever he’s thirsty. Who’s gonna feed him the way we feed him almost four times a day? Where will he stay and sleep if it’s already bed-time when I already got used to his presence rolling beside me every time I sleep. Who’s gonna show some love and care to my beloved dog as days go by. Who are the ones capable of showing compassion to this wonderful creature the same way we used to show all of our pets?
Who? I just really hope some people also have compassionate hearts, too.

I am hoping and praying that somebody with a good heart adopts our poor little fellow and bestow all the good things in life the way we have shared with him even if we just live a simple life but full of love.


I cannot even construct good sentences at the moment sharing how I feel right now because of the longingness I still feel. It’s like my life now is really incomplete without my dear beloved pet.

Paranoia also eats me up thinking of these bad things that might have happened to him too, the reason I really wanted my dear pet to be back with us.

I am still NOT in the process of letting GO. And everyday I endure this kind of feeling as it really torments me to think whether is he in good hands now or not.

I will also post this to my social media wall and I hope if somebody reads this and knows something about my pet’s whereabouts, shall have a soft heat to share any information for me to get my dog back.

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration.

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I still feel sad upon writing this post. Sharing it with my fellow bloggers would somehow ease the pain I still feel inside.
Thank you so much for dropping by.

This post is also shared on steemit with different approach. Check it out as well. 

Losing Your Beloved Pet - The Unbearable Feeling Of Loneliness

Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing this pain that I still feel right now.





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