My Special Day - An Ordinary Day Turned Out To Be The Best!

Silly that I even post my personal stuff in this platform filled with juicy info about cryptocurrency and online world of earnings. That makes me a human being with the sense of responsibility of sharing reliable information to everyone out there who will be able to bump to my posts.

Considerably just an ordinary day passing by turned out to be special because I have a lot of treasured people greeted me on my birthday. Thankful to them because of the fact that the best asset that we could have is the people around you who are giving a great importance rather than any digital assets that we have on any online exchangers.

Worth a celebration indeed!

I have nothing in my pocket to celebrate this occasion with grandeur or sponsor an out-of-town get-together but deep in my heart, I know I am happy and blessed because I reached this age without illness, still sane despite of the hard blows of life which considerably gonna make somebody disconnect to reality, learned the lessons in life the hard way and still managed all of it being alive.

My Birthday mostly intercepts the season of Lent. A time for a great realization and reflection about what we have done so far living our life with a purpose. I was able to realize that I am extremely gifted with the creativity, knowledge, enthusiasm, dependability and great character as a person to be recognized by a lot of people. Still being regarded despite the fact that I am not perfect and regretful for the mistakes I have done in the past.

People come and go. Even pets do. I am trying to get over this feeling of loneliness because I just lost a beloved pet who I considered to be a part of the family. The pain already subsides and the best moments will just be one of the good memories I will carry for the rest of my life. If somebody leaves, another one would come along.

Thankful for publish0x to be a part of my whole month long journey sharing and learning new programs. My earnings here on this platform are even used for the funds I have used making this special day extra meaningful.

Hoping, praying and keeping myself with a positive outlook in the years to come for the success of this platform and the edge it will all give the few early-adopters of this site.

See you then on my next post!

Grateful for the support I am getting here.

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Happy birthday too @Blurryface seen his post too just now.


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Know More About Me - Introducing Myself!
Know More About Me - Introducing Myself!

Bubbly, friendly, helpful and fun-loving! Having a warm personality is my best asset getting along with people well. This is the best asset I think I have to start a venture in the online world. Get to know more about me as it is FUN to have more FRIENDS!

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