My 4th Cash Out Here On Publish0x: 7431 HYDRO = $10.50

My 4th Cash Out Here On Publish0x: 7431 HYDRO = $10.50

Hello everyone! This Blog is to let everyone know that this site is really paying. It has been my 4th and the largest pay-out I was able to receive. Yet, there's no hassle receiving cash out because we deserve to get paid with our efforts we put to make this site as awesome as it already is. It becomes more amazing because all the great minds are gathered here.

Requested a pay-out Sunday night Philippines Standard time and it was now inside my MyEtherWallet.

Please see the screenshots:



Then all my HYDRO Tokens now from my 3rd and 4th Pay-Out is in my MEW:


Checking the market if it's the great time to exchange a few:

Here's the up to date value in USD from CoinGecko

I could either transfer my HYDRO to my Bittrex or my BitForex account and start trading it with some other coins. It's value today at the time of writing is around $11.80.

I was able to see some members here as well who shared their cash-out! Isn't this amazing? We read posts and earn Tokens here, we earn more when we share our skills, knowledge, ideas, our previous research materials and all the things that we know which can benefit everybody.

We do encourage all developers here to join publish0x for visibility of their updates with their programs. Everyone will have the same opportunity to have their contents be seen to the public and gain much views as much as possible.

Here is a view of the summary of my recent posts with the number of views and its actual earnings based on the tips that members here have given:



I would have to admit that most of the blogs that I have shared flopped and was not really able to meet the interests of the readers, fellow authors and some developers that are already here on this platform but I am still thankful that when I am able to do so, I am being blessed with this acknowledgement.

All of my three posts were in the Home-page recently. Thanks to everyone who acknowledged my efforts. If I can do it, so you can.


This post is not about bragging that I was able to get this amount of pay-out! It only means that everyone here can also get the same or even more. I know some people who earns more than me. There's Niklas, ConnectEconomy and ScottCBusiness. Their posts are really amazing as well.

Let's always be responsible in writing our posts. It should be well organized, logical, straight to the point and share some visuals for better understanding. Highly technical statements should always be translated to layman's terms so that we'll definitely be able to grasp the thoughts you want to convey.

If publish0x were able to go popular in the mainstream just like what Steemit was able to, then we will all be in the WIN-WIN situation where there's nothing to lose but just be the best that we can be in sharing viable information to the public.

For some people here who also have a Youtube and DTube channel, you may also share your post here and gain views.

What's in it for publish0x members here seeing a proof of cash out just like what I am doing?

This works for me and will just stick to whatever I find helpful for everyone who read this post to know. A cash-out proof is a great motivation for every members that our efforts will NOT be put into waste. Let's just adhere to the platform rules and make sure not to abuse the FREE Tokens that are given to us. 

Is it all about the money given as a rewards?

Some people will just look for a better source of income to sustain their day-to-day living. I hate to say this 'coz this might diminish the members here but this platform is not to sustain a daily income that would help your daily expesnses.

It's all about dwelling in a place where you find the right people supporting each other. It's about finding a community that are really able to see your skills, talents and all the things you are good at. It's about feeling good when the majority acknowledged the efforts you put when you created your own post and getting rewarded at the same time through the tips you have received from them. Its all about visibility when you actually see your posts being visited by people from all around the globe and not just manipulating the number of views by clicking the post over and over again.

I know how to track these things by also inserting a link shortener within my blogs when I offer a great opportunities to everyone. I was able to see different countries visiting the links that I have shared.

Is Publish0x worth promoting to everyone?

Well, not everyone would appreciate but yes! I have found a community where I belong and would gladly promote it to everyone who I know who has the potential to be a great content creator too. (bragging aside) - Please bear with me.

I am also encouraging my fellow steemians to also share their amazing contents here. Just don't forget to site sources if it was published first on other platforms. It would be appreciated if the posts are only dedicated to be published here in this platform though not required.


Again, thank you so much for giving a few minutes of your time reading my post. Any thoughts you would like to share as a comment gonna make me enthusiastic to write more.

Let's rock this site in a good way. Already seeing this site popular and established, this is Fycee! See yah on my next post!

Blockchain tracker (EtherScan) to see the actual payment transparently:


If you have already reached the minimum amounts to cash-out in HYDRO as it varies from time to time and it is fixed with $0.50, check this walkthrough I have created:

How to cash out your earnings here in Publish0x - A Complete Step-By-Step Guide!

If this site is new to you and you wanted to join this amazing blogging platform, click the link below, sign up, apply to become an author and create your first post now. Here is the link:






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