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Yes, I do write articles about cryptocurrencies but we're not yet on that part as I am still in the process of introducing myself as an avid member of this amazing platform. I just hope my burning desire to get successful here on the platform I have chosen to become really active will not feign. I do write articles on each opportunities that I come accross with because for me I have this notion to just gather every given chances to earn money so that in the long run, whatever stays in the market for the longest period of time and remains, I was then able to join. I share the articles based on how I was able to know them and how I earned from them. Basically I was just sharing based on experience and not because how popular an earning site has become.

Believe me, I have witnessed the extreme ups and downs of all major crypto-currencies that can be seen on coinmarketcap for almost 6 years. I was blessed I was able to earn and invest around 2.0 BTC or even more as far as I remember coz I already forgot to count and already lost track of it.

I was obsessed with sharing every earnings that i acquire thru real-time screen-shots and "proudly" post it on my facebook page and active online earning groups on that social media site. 

I also write some topics of controversy those times when fanbox moved to empowr. I guess it was my edge becoming a success coach to be able to convince people to read the topics that I share. Rather become a coach because it was really too exhausting for me to earn while guiding people how to be a proper citizen of that social media. Just to let everyone know that it is really hard to make a cash out there if you haven't linked your paypal to the site.

I was also with steemit where I was able to cash out a little because I was already too late of becoming really active on that site wherein a lot of steemians became rich especially those times when ALL cryptocurrenicies are soaring high last quarter of 2017. Even so, I was able to prove to everyone else that the site is real. I hope this site we are all into will also become successful.

I am fond of joining airdrops and ICO's too as my Telegram was bombarded with a lot of groups whenever I join new platforms of earning thru gathering of users on the telegram promotions. I am also an avid promoter of faucets, mining sites and yes even HYIP's. Too bad that I am getting a real bad reputation from those HYIP's shared before, Even a disclaimer of "Do Your Own Research" warning is not enough to pacify people whenever they got scammed from those sites we have ventured with. Well, I also got scammed by Bitconnect so I guess we are all just even.

I basically share posts anything and everything under the sun and most of the time, topics for awareness purposes.

Hey, you! Yes you reading my post! I would like to thank you for giving time to read my undedited post coz I was just sharing whatever it is on my mind that I want to share. Unedited and just typed whatever goes into my mind.

Let's rock this site in a good way!

If you would like to join this amazing platform, please click this link and together let's work hand in hand to become successful here on this platform:

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Thank you so much for the interest and hoping to see you here!

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Know More About Me - Introducing Myself!
Know More About Me - Introducing Myself!

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