Cash Out Proof Here On Publish0x: A Spark Of Motivation For Everyone!

Cash Out Proof Here On Publish0x: A Spark Of Motivation For Everyone!

Hello my fellow publish0x writers, at last my cash-out request of 743 BNTY Tokens is now already on my MEW. I have been notified by email and have checked it on etherscan. Though it is still not yet appearing to my MEW, it's perfectly fine. I know it may take a few confirmations to appear but I know for sure that it will show up few minutes from now.

Here are the screenshots:


That was a notification they sent to my email. and this screenshot below will be the etherscan record of the transfer to my ERC20-Ready ETH wallet ID.



When you go to your "Dashboard" and click "Payments" , this will show up too.


We should always be aware that pay-out / transfers are processed during Monday afternoon UK Time. it's around 10:30 PM here in the Philippines.

Here is the post where I shared my cash-out process here in Publish0x.

Cash Out Process In Publish0x - My Earnings In BNTY Tokens Forwarded To MyEtherWallet


Thank you so much for all the support and may this cash-out proof motivate everyone that this site really pays, legit and worth our efforts posting quality contents!

That's all for now!

I would like to acknowledge @ecomhunter for inviting me here on this platform and thankful for him to have introduced the site to the team on Steemit: @steemitpowerupph

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