Cash Out Process In Publish0x - My Earnings In BNTY Tokens Forwarded To MyEtherWallet

Cash Out Process In Publish0x - My Earnings In BNTY Tokens Forwarded To MyEtherWallet

I love posting Cash Out Proofs and this way, I will be able to get myself and everyone get motivated to be very active in this platform where we can get REALLY REWARDED with our efforts in sharing where we're goot at and the things that we love to do.


Cash Out Process Walkthrough

Take a look at my dashboard just before I process this cash out here on publish0x.


By the way, thank you so much for the support you are all giving me and the number of views are really satisfying!

Please click the "Payments" button and it will direct you at this page.


You will need to enter ERC20-Ready ETH wallet (Not your regular Coinbase or Coins.Ph ETH wallet ID) but preferrably MyEtherWallet (MEW)

Click "Add Address"

Enter you ERC20-Ready ETH address and click "Save"

Then this notification will appear


Go to your email address and check for the most recent email that publish has sent you.

Click the Blue Button "Confirm Wallet Address Change" and please take note that the verification link is only good for 30-minutes


Go back to your dashboard after being redirected to publish0x page and continue by clicking "Payments" button again.


Then click "withdraw" and "Confirm Withdrawal".

Then this action will lead you to this page.


The minimum to withdraw is 152 BNTY. Time check now is 5:45 PM (Philippines Time) 28th of March 2019 and will have to wait for my funds to be credited to my MEW thru Ether Scan. I guess the pay-out process is still manual because it's not yet instant. But let's wait for it.

I checked my email and there has been a withdrawal request notice sent by publish0x.190903265-7e3619bcf411f0ac6bfcb7f4b537a603e8ed564c8549f846cff530cacc6745b3.jpeg

We will then just have to wait a few days for this cash-out to be processed. Hopeful that we really all have found a great, legit and paying site!

For comments and reactions to the site as a whole, please do not hesitate to post your thoughts and I will be more than happy to respond to all of it. I will also check the blogs that you share and gladly give a hearty tip with my honest to goodness comment. 


Have a fruitful day my fellow publishers!

Since I already have my ERC20-Ready ETH address, it would be so amazing to share a few of your hard-earned money and definitely I will put it in good use. Will create a story about my compassion and love for the animals. I am also keeping an eye on my wallet ID @

My ERC20-Ready ETH is:




Steemit for Steem or SBD: @fycee

Please check out my most number of views shared posts:


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I hope this serves an inspiration and motivation to everyone that we just need ourselves to be active and create at least one post per day. Make sure you also connect to everyone who are active as well and be sure to make an effort in creating a genuine small talks to everone that comes across your sight. I have only started publish0x first week of March and gladly introduced myself to everyone as my first post.

I will definitely share to everyone here as a post if i get paid by the site as well. Just leave a comment and will notify you by posting a relevant comment on your most recent blog.



All images are screenshot of the site while giving you this walkthrough

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