The Deception Infection

The Deception Infection

By KiBLS | kibls | 11 Jul 2020

The Deception Infection

Today all opposites are twisted. 
But every action and deed was listed!

As truth and falsehoods inverted slowly, 
sense and reason were not longer holy.

Because all these sweet lies tasted better. 
Some have swallowed every blasphemous letter.

And many have signed a pact with a devil. 
So they’ve banned their souls to a lower level.

Emotions nourished by the reptilian brain, 
have led many to actions without restrain.

Spewing lies on all like a bubbling volcano. 
And rage has simmered to a feverish inferno.

All names and signs have been desecrated. 
And the good and honest are now feared and hated.

A wolf wanders around in sheep's clothing. 
And among his prey, he is often joking.

We've to recognize the light and banish the dark! 
We all have to ignite inside of us the sacred spark!

Because in the end we all know that decency wins, 
Then freedom and harmony truly begins!

(written by @KiBLS and @Bart23)

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Author: KiBLS and Bart23 | Written: 08.07.2020 | Published: 11.07.2020 | German translation: Follow soon! | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: Tuning of the minds


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