Modern Fairy Tales

Modern Fairy Tales

By KiBLS | kibls | 16 Apr 2020

Modern Fairy Tales

There is so much panic and most have no clue. 
20,000 in Germany die each year of flu.

The virus test is highly hypersensitive. 
This makes all its results relative.

No one is putting this test to the test. 
We'll be forced to take it at their behest.

Simultaneously, economy "accidentally" crashed. 
And every critic is now extremely bashed.

A system built on the bust and the boom. 
Was always going to destine us to doom.

Now we have this "virus" that we can blame. 
For our lives never being the same again.

Major offences in motion by the unseen hand. 
This is all conditioning for their future plan.

Censorship reigns in this era of madness. 
And police "do their duty" with new-found gladness.

Messages repeat verging on the subliminal. 
And everyone risks becoming a criminal.

Trust is eroded watch out for your neighbour!
We were warned about this, Orwell gave it the flavour.

The surveillance eats its way deep into your inner self.
Big brother isn't just sitting on a bookshelf.

But all that confusing, outside fuss.
Is just the result from all of us!

And the deepest point where everybody desperate,
is the moment that becomes simply unforgettable great!

In desperate moments with so much in doubt.
We will rise together to figure the last details out.

What comes in the future is ours to decide.
And if we choose freedom, we'll stand side by side.

(written by @KiBLS, @Bart23, @Izzari)

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Author: KiBLS, Bart23, Izzari | Written: ~14.04.2020 | Published: 16.04.2020 | German translation: Follow soon! | License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 | e-Book: Masterminds align

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