PolyBull Finance Review

By Kevy Mac | Kevy's Yield Farm Reviews | 17 Jun 2021

PolyBull Finance 


       Hi, I'm Kevy Mac and hopefully like you, I'm a yield farmer on the Polygon Network! I review farms so you don't have to go diving into their websites and sift through code to figure out what kind of farm they are and if it's the right investment. So I'm going to review a farm I got into for a little, but currently got out of, and I'll explain why in a second. First though, some info about Polybull's farm. The developers are trying to make this farm a long term investment and is trying to become an AMM(automated market maker). To be a long term yield farm, the tokenomics for the Bull token are;

  • 1% Burned on every transaction
  • Initial emission rate: 1Bull/Block
  • Emission reduction: 2% every 2 days
  • Minimum emission rate: 0.5 Bull/Block
  • Development and Marketing fund per block: 10%
  • Supply: UNLIMITED

     PolyBull and the GoldenBull devs seem to be the same so if you interacted with GoldenBull expect the same. I did like from the beginning that PolyBull clearly states on their docs page that the project is, "not a get rich quick scheme". Although with my long term farms I feel much safer and am earning more using Polycat so this is where I explain why I got out of PolyBull to jump on the long term band-wagon of Polycat. Yield rates. It's very simple if you want the best gains and both farms state they are long term why would I keep my money in PolyBull with their farm of BULL-MATIC earning around 4100% APR when FISH MATIC is pulling in 6600%? Follow the yield to really take advantage of the Polygon cheap transactions and to excel in hyper-compounding. Another word of advice for a farm like PolyBull, just keep an eye out for these tokens that have transaction fees on every transaction. Lately a lot of farms tokens have been exploited by dev's having these fees on the MasterChef. Making it so people could withdraw 100% even though 1% was supposed to be burned, to sum it all up people lost money and weren't able to withdraw. Although I come off as skeptical, you should always be in the world of yield farming with devs able to just disappear into the wind. Not to say that PolyBull won't be a good farm eventually but the site and team need some more work in my honest opinion. Lastly I will say that Polycat has more features like the auto-compounding vaults that compound every minute! Currently I've been testing the USDC-FISH vault will give it some more time and might start a vault blog. Let me know if you people know any amazing vaults that people haven't really found yet or need to jump on in the comments!


If you're interested in using Polycat use my referral link below!


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Kevy Mac
Kevy Mac

Hi I’m a computer science networker out of Lone Tree, Colorado and part of the new age of crypto! I write about meaningful cryptos only and always will let y’all know what’s a good buy!

Kevy's Yield Farm Reviews
Kevy's Yield Farm Reviews

Going to be reviewing farms, diving into some farm history, which farms could be long term profitable, and the rug pullers!

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