Sports And Entertainment Are Now Big Time Investment Hub

Sports And Entertainment Are Now Big Time Investment Hub

By ketcom | ketcomblog | 3 Sep 2019

When we were growing up as kids we were normally asked what we would like to be when we grow up and you hear kids saying they wanted to be Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, Pilot and other “honorable” professions.

I put the word honorable because those professions were considered to be so and if you didn’t find yourself in any of those professions then you are probably considered as failure. And so it was for people that ventured into areas like football, lawn tennis, basketball and recreations activities we regard to as sports, they were considered failures.

As kids growing up in the big city of Lagos we all participated in one sporting activity or the other, but our parents always lets us know it ends there, it was a recreational activity that lets us to exercise our body and it was not to affect our academic performance in school. Once our academic performance was affected negatively, we were usually given less time to play because it was assumed that it was the playtime that affected our academic performance.

Back in the days, sports men and women were not well paid as they are now, they were not seen as achievers in the sense that many of them didn’t build big houses, buy very expensive cars or live a life of luxury. Most ended up poor after retiring from the sports they had loved and played all their productive years and this reality scared most parents a lot and hence many parents didn't want their kids loving sports so much that it turned into a profession for them.

It was a similar thing when you come to the entertainment industry, a lot of the actors we saw locally on the TV acting as very wealthy people in the role they played were very poor people in real life. Many of them couldn’t even pay their medical bills when they were sick and that type of situations was the type parents didn’t also want for their kids.

Parents wanted their kids to have a regular 8 to 5 job (yes for us it is not 9 to 5), which meant you left home early in the morning, went to work and at the close of business you came back to the house. Most sports men/women and entertainers didn’t have this type of regular work time. They had odd hour type of work, they went training and came back mid day when business is supposed be at its peak and for some entertainers, night time was when they went out to perform at the clubs, during the day they practiced at home and some say it as noise or they are just lazying about doing nothing.

And so it was, people that didn’t do what society considered as normal professions were looked down on. One thing that worried me the most as a kid was that society enjoyed the services of these group of people, we liked their music, acting, watching them play different sporting activities but they didn’t want their kids to do any of such professions back in the days. This killed a lot of talented kids dream, take me for instance, I could have been popular like Ronaldo or Messi, nah, just kidding, I was playing in the defensive position. Lol.

Anyway, that was then and this is now, parents are now trying so hard to discover a sporting talent in their kids, parents are paying for their kids to be registered in one sporting academy or the other. Parents are registering their children into acting and music schools. What has happened? Show me the money. Yes, it’s all about the money. Lol. Parents have suddenly realized that a footballer can earn in a month what a doctor will earn in a year or more. On top of that they get different types of bonuses and extras that other “normal” professionals are not going to get.

On like back in the days when musicians hard to work so hard to produce a 16 track album with so many good music before he/she will be noticed, now you just need 1 good track to “BLOW” (blow for us means hit it big time). Once you blow, you need another track to maintain your popularity. Come to think of it, there are people I've know in the music industry 5 years now with no album but they keep throwing in one hit song after another.

We are now seeing sports men/women and entertainers becoming extremely wealthy people who now invest in other businesses to keep generating more income for them till infinity. The Sporting and Entertainment industries people are now big players in many countries. They now have influence even in political circles. A lot of them have retired and gone into politics and have been successful at it. Others have become life coaches, consultants and have continued to do other noble things both in and out of their industry.

Investing in the sporting and entertainment industry is now big business and you shouldn’t make a mistake about tha.


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