Shit Business Is Serious Business

By ketcom | ketcomblog | 4 Sep 2019

The topic kinda sounds nasty but it is serious business that we have to talk about. Lagos is a very big city and we all know there are a lot of parties going down regularly especially on weekends. And with all these parties happening comes the problem of how and where people can dispose their nature waste when they attend such parties.

You see, most of the party reception facilities only had one or two toilets, largely because of land space, you can’t go building 20 toilets if it is drastically going to reduce the space for the hall space rental business you intended to do in the first place.

The problem that now arises is that you have a thousand or more people at a party venue with only two to 4 toilets to take care of their shit business. And because this is not enough to accommodate all the people that want to use it you end up finding people shitting along the roads, on walk ways and along the entrance of residential houses. The situation is worst if the party is at night time, you might want to want watch you steps before coming out of your house.

All these were many years ago though because someone thought that shit business was serious business and started what is called Dignified Mobile Toilets (DMT). Mr. Isaac Agbetusin popularly called Otunba Gadaffi by his friends and many who know him is a trained Graphic artist and worked as a security professional before he decided to go into the ‘shit business in 1996.

Apart from party venues Dignified Mobile Toilets are now been use at a lot of public places like bus stops, market places and car garages as a matter of fact the places it is used are endless as long as there are people there then there is money to be made from their shit. This business has made our environment very clean as human waste are now properly disposed of.

You can watch a short about 3 minutes plus video in which he was interview by a BBC correspondent below:
CNN - Mobile toilets big business in Nigeria

I learnt a long time ago that when things are not going great then that is when there are opportunities to make money. A lot of us don’t look at it that way, we do the reverse, we join the band wage of people complaining and throwing accusation upon accusation about who is at fault and what should have been done. But if you cool down a bit and think of solutions that are workable, then you might find yourself in great wealth.

In conclusion, think of those problems you and many others are facing, it could be here on the blockchain or in real life, think of a solution that is workable and you may find yourself in really big business. Investors don’t only look at what is currently working to invest in, sometimes they make more by investing in startups with great potentials.

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