Sandra And Her Kits - Day 12

By ketcom | ketcomblog | 2 Oct 2019


This is a short video of day 12 in the life of Sandra and her kids to show you all how the kits are progressing and developing.  


The nest box has been removed, their body is all covered with furs now and their eyes are now open so they can chase their mom to suck breast milk as can be seen in this video. Their hands and feet are very much stronger now as they can run and jump where need be.  


They still rely on their mothers’ breast milk for 100% of their food but as they approach 3 to 4 weeks they will start testing and trying out the grounded grains and leaves their mother eats. They don’t sleep as much as they use to sleep any more as there is a lot of sniffing and exploring to do.


At this stage they are not in so much danger of not getting fed as they can chase their mother for milk and eat when they want to, though their mother controls how much they eat by jumping of so that her breast milk can rebuild. Their major threat to their lives at this stage is probably external forces (human traps and wild animals) and diseases.


Anytime they want to sleep, they still cuddle together to create warmth amongst them which still helps in their growth and development. It is easier for them now to come together and sleep in one particular place because they can see where others are gathered. But as they approach the age when they will start becoming sexually active they will be separated so that we don’t have inbreeding within the family.


I have been asked if there is anything wrong with them engaging in sex amongst themselves and the only any answer I know of is that it makes their gene weaker which makes them prone to diseases which will in effect lead to high mortality rates. I have be cross breeding my rabbits with and giving them constant preventive and nutrient type of drugs that makes them very resistant to a lot of diseases that can kill other rabbits that are not well taken care of. They are also protected against wild animals like snakes especially and bugs because I covered the whole entrance with mosquito nets.


I’ll probably do the next video when they start eating the same type of food provided for the mother, at that time they will not be rushing their mother for breast milk as seen in this video and they will definitely be much bigger too.

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