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By Kentzz001 | Nostalgic Gaming Reviews | 28 Dec 2020

There used to be a time where an expansion pack was a waste of money that catered only to the toughest hardcore fans by offering maybe a new weapon, a new opponent, and probably a few new levels. Luckily, those days are long gone when several absolutely phenomenal expansion packs come out. And expansions including the Frozen Throne (WarCraft III), the Hidden Arms of the Second World War.

(Battlefield 1942), Spearhead and now Breakthrough (both for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) entering the market, players can now expect an enriching experience that not only improves on the original title but surpasses it to become a special experience different from the original. Breakthrough is one such game, offering players a close look at the frequently ignored region of World War II, the Mediterranean campaign. Breakthrough is putting you in the shoes of Sgt. John Baker as he battles his way. Across Italy, through a number of missions in Northern Africa. Your struggle with the Mediterranean will lead you through 11 new historically accurate single-player stages, such as the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia and the Monte Cassino in Italy.


The game has a range of modern touches that make the game an enjoyable and genuine experience. There are no less than twelve new guns from both the Axis and Allied sides, including new Italian weapons, such as the Beretta Model 34 pistol, the Moschetto Automatico submachine gun, and many other cool weapons. The game now has a new multiplayer mode, Emancipation. In Emancipation, if your character is killed, you'll have to sit in jail before someone from your squad arrives and "liberates" you.

The action, although displaying its age at spots, is still outstanding. The very first one The point, the Kasserine Pass, is furious and heart-stop fast, over the same thing. Level as the D-Day stage of Allied Attack. Explosions and gunfire are going on in any way, a sandstorm blinds and deafens you. Are they allies, or The adversary in the distance? You can't say, so everything's going to happen so quickly that soon you can figure out if they're going to gun you down. This stage is doing a fine job setting the tempo for the session, and even if it slows down in some areas, it's still as exciting an experience as you'll find in a PC game.

However, given as the original game is nearly eighteen years old today, it does. Have a couple of sore spots. The AI hasn't aged very long and the enemies are already making it. A lot of dumb mistakes for no particular cause. It's pretty easy to draw they're going to get out of the corner and shoot them one by one when they come into your sights. In certain bizarre situations, enemies will stand right in front of you, not fire or something.


Graphics are also a bit of a mixed bag, considering the age of the game. Don't get me out it's false, Breakthrough seems pretty darn amazing for a game after almost eighteen years. However, in the era of realistic shadows, sophisticated bump mapping, and improved lighting effects, older games like Allied Assault are beginning to expose their seams. The Medal of Honor still features some nice character models and weapons, but the figures move a little static and woody, the blast effects are phony-looking, and the scenery appears a little drab and sterile.

However, there is one place where the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is still a stallion. Audio Department, guy. When the original game was released, Allied Assault wowed gamers with some of the finest sounds ever to pipe through a PC speaker system. Today, the sound is nothing short of phenomenal. The blasts are noisy and vivid, the mayhem comes to you from every possible way, the pistol sounds as genuine and natural as ever, and the sweeping motion picture soundtrack is still epic. Voices and acting are also fantastic, showing supporters shouting at you plainly, and enemies yelling at you in actual German (and now, real Italian).

While some may not actually be dreaming about purchasing yet another Medal of Honor expansion kit if you like Medal of Honor: Allied Attack and Spearhead, you'd be losing out on an amazing experience that places you in the midst of a much forgotten Second World War campaign. Breakthrough requires Medal of Honor: Allied Assault to play.

Thank you for reading and I'm wishing everyone the best end of the year,

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