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By Kentzz001 | Nostalgic Gaming Reviews | 27 Dec 2020

I reviewed previously a Hitman Hitman: Codename 47 and now it's sequence time. What a wonderful little gem. Have you ever thought about becoming a hitman? You know, the competent man that the top-secret organizations are looking on to get the target out? Of sure you've got it. Don't deny it. Well, don’t worry. Eidos (who also gave us the amazing Deus Ex) brings Hitman 2, the sequel to the original Hitman game, which was lauded for having a cool, open-ended quest. Luckily, this title doesn't disappoint. Really, this game is rocking. You've got to try it out – just finish reading this first, all right?

The game starts in Sicily, where Agent 47 settles down. He doesn't want the life he used to have; he wants to be a professional hitman. In reality, he's trying to change his life for the better, finding solace in a friendly priest who thinks he's a decent guy. Sadly, things go awry when the same priest is abducted. While he hates to do so, 47 is back in contact with his old organization, which offers to help him get his friend back if he completes a few jobs for them. Yet one thing leads to another, and soon Agent 47 is again a full-fledged hitman. The plot is so sweet, you're going to want to go back and buy the first title to find out what happened earlier.


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This game has some fantastic gameplay. In each mission, you will find yourself making choices and deciding how to do those things. It's so open-ended and free that you can't help but go back and do each task a few times, and it's so much fun. Hitman 2 also has a smart complexity system. Depending on how hard you want to play, you will be given a fixed amount of in-game saves. You can save anywhere and keep playing at the same point whether you die or turn off the game later. In the Standard environment, you'll get about seven saves, and as long as you use them reasonably carefully, running out won't be a problem. The next setup doesn't give you that many, so you're going to have to be patient when you use it. At the Elite level, you don't get any saves. That means you've got to be incredibly vigilant because if you die, you're out of luck.

Here's an example of a problem. Our target is to take out a couple of people, coming by limousine, who are meeting in a park. It occurs that this park is surrounded by about a dozen guards. We have a range of choices. We should go in, guns blazing, take out everyone, and hope we won't run out of bullets, or get fired too much. We're going to take the sniper rifle that our organization has hidden near the Dumpster, locate a good, all spot, and take out the two targets. We should take the car bombs that our gentry have provided us with, plant them in each limousine, and wait for the explosion. After, of course, we'll take the driver out of each. I wanted to take out the guard gently by strangling him with my fiber wire and removing his clothes.

Now that I'm disguised, I casually stepped into the park (walked, mind you, running triggers suspicion) and stood beside the bench. I saw my two goals, who were going to have a discussion. I followed them closely until they were next to each other. At this point, when none of them was looking in my direction, I slipped out a silenced gun and took both of them with a shot to the head. I easily tucked the rifle back into my pocket and headed off the park casually. By the time I was almost out, several guards had noticed the remains, and they were searching frantically for a suspicious individual. They didn't suspect me, of course.


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It's wonderful how every mission has so many things to do like that. You're going to want to go back and play with each other, doing them differently every time. The visuals in the game are a treat, too. The animation is great. Guards are roaming around exactly as you'd expect them to. You'll see the weapons snapback because of the different guns (it's also worth mentioning that the goal is top-notch.). Dragging dead bodies around and watching their limbs caught on corners and other boxes could not be any more practical. The lighting is dead-on, so are the textures

The sound in this title is not bad by any means, either – in fact, it's wonderful. Any mission is followed by fantastic music, always from a talented ensemble. The music really brings a fantastic feel to the game and immerses you evermore in it. Sound effects, too, are great. Guns are sending out a pleasing, noisy boom. Echos can arise while you're in a cave or anything like that. Silent handguns give off a silent sound, just as one would expect.

You can't go wrong with this title, all in. Thanks to the wonderful presentation, it's incredibly immersive. It's too much fun. It has a lot of replay value due to the fantastic open-ended missions. So, if you need a new ninja title, an adventure title, a story or theme dripping, or a game that's just plain enjoyable if you haven't played it yet, so just please pick up this game today.

Thank you for reading and I'm wishing everyone the best end of the year,

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